evesham error pgsdk.dll in pg monitor

  1st RHA 18:26 08 Aug 2003

friends pc comes up with this error message and says it won't start the program, search files found attached to C:\program files\Dellfin\Promulgate
closing allows pc to run nothing noticable wrong any ideas
AMD Athalon 256 meg RAm Windows ME (sorry about that!!!)

  VoG II 18:44 08 Aug 2003

Delfin is spyware.

Remove using Ad-aware click here and/or Spybot click here

  Willow12 18:47 08 Aug 2003

Promulgate is spyware use adaware click here or spybot click here

  Willow12 18:48 08 Aug 2003

Are we twins or something??!!! ;)

  VoG II 18:48 08 Aug 2003

Great minds...

  Willow12 18:50 08 Aug 2003


  1st RHA 18:59 08 Aug 2003

will check this out asap is this possibly related to Kazaa (ugh!)

  VoG II 19:00 08 Aug 2003

Very likely!

  Willow12 19:02 08 Aug 2003

Kazaa is packed full of spyware goodness!! And other nasties just waiting to play havoc with your PC!! :(

  1st RHA 19:26 08 Aug 2003

so they are stuck with errors i s'pose

  VoG II 21:18 08 Aug 2003

My kid wanted Kazaa. I showed her some of the posts on here where we have collectively helped people who have been blitzed by spyware, trojans, viruses and extremely horrible downloads that they did not expect.

The nagging has stopped.

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