evesham axis64 3000 or mesh matrix64 3000

  steve28 15:55 27 Dec 2003

help... I need some advice on buying a PC but I cant decide. Both the Mesh A64 3000 and the Evesham Axis 64 3000 have good write ups but as a novice on pcs i dont understand the jargon. I am most interested in good value for money and a long warranty. I need something that is relatively quick as I download music and use the internet a lot. Please could you give me some advice. Thanks

  Morpheus? 16:03 27 Dec 2003

you will not go far wrong with the Evesham, mine as been running non stop now for nearly 3 years.

  johnnyrocker 16:04 27 Dec 2003

for peace of mind guv get the evesham and sleep at night.


  hoverman 16:26 27 Dec 2003

Agree with the comments by Morpheus? and johnnyrocker. I have hade two PC's from Evesham and cannot fault them - including their Technical Support which is second to none.

  anchor 17:39 27 Dec 2003

I have no doubt that both machines are excellent.

But as johnnyrocker says, if you want peace of mind with regard to after sales service and support, go for the Evesham!!. As an Evesham owner, I can vouch for this.

  silliw 17:56 27 Dec 2003

not wanting to argue with all the previous comments made, I would suggest since you do not set value as a criteria, the evesham machine may be the better choice. I have now used 4 Mesh machines and two Eveshams and would personnaly favour the Mesh despite some poor record on service and support.

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