boatwalker 08:46 19 Mar 2003

I'm thinking of buying a new PC from Evesham. Can anyone recommend them? I've only bought from Dell before, but they seem a bit pricey now.

  anchor 08:53 19 Mar 2003

Hello boatwalker:

YES, if you look around these forums you will find many posts recommending Evesham.

This is one recent thread:

click here

  expertec 09:21 19 Mar 2003

most people on here seem to think Evesham very good, and people who have had problems usually say they have been sorted quickly.

  simonp1 09:36 19 Mar 2003

Ive had a few problems with Evesham with the computer but mainly the customer service, but i think every supplier has its ups and downs. I still would recommend them, the system is good quality and they did have 6 months interest free option.

  bfoc 09:40 19 Mar 2003

For some years without any problems.

I set up an Evesham machine for a friend just a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent.

I have just bought my own Evesham machine and, s**'s law, there were problems when it was delivered! However Evesham were helpful (I did have a wait on the tech support line, but at least it was open on a Saturday and they did ring me back when they promised to!) and, especially once I e-mailed them at [email protected], things were sorted out very quickly and very much to my satisfaction.

Problems, no matter how rare, can occur with any manufactured product. The key is how well the company deals with customers who suffer problems. I posted a thread in consumerwatch click here

I would certainly use Evesham again.

  boatwalker 14:05 19 Mar 2003

Thanks all for your help.

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