Everyone Please Read This

  €dstowe 09:46 06 Sep 2004

Once again there are threads on here describing the abject despair being felt because their Windows installation has somehow failed.

Much/most/all of this could have been avoided by the simple expedient of having a full system backup.

A backup doesn't even have to cost any money - there is a basic one already in your Windows operating system.

Come on ladies and gentlemen, don't put it off any longer. Organise a backup for your computer NOW.

Don't think "it will never happen to me". It will, sooner or later. Let's hope it's not sooner.


  Cesar 09:52 06 Sep 2004

A very sensible piece of advice, In the past I have posted threads on Backup but according to some of the threads received about lost files a lot of people are ignoring the process.

  Spark6 09:52 06 Sep 2004

Good advice as usual.

  Carafaraday 09:58 06 Sep 2004

I'd love to do a complete back up - it's just that I don't know where to start! I have Windows XP Home edition (no cd). I back up all my documents every day or two but I don't know how to do the settings and other things. Advice please.

  ventanas 10:04 06 Sep 2004

Everything backed up to a slave drive. Also images taken with driveImage and Ghost to the same slave regularly. Am I paranoid?

  flypast 10:10 06 Sep 2004

I opened this saubject hoping to learn something that would save hassle in thefuture. I was somewhat dissapointed that whwn I chose any of the "links" they were adverts trying to sell "backup" solutions . I am diaspointed that there was no advice for the "residential" market place.
I have noticed that it seems all the "links" are now "sponsored" by some company or other interested in selling me something.
As an afterthought could it be that my home PC has been invaded by a clever programme which "captures "your links, if so how do I get rid of the offending software.

  Mat2 10:13 06 Sep 2004

Great reminder to us all, I have a ghost image sat on my slave drive just in case the inevitable happens, which I should update.


  Bob The Nob© 10:14 06 Sep 2004

The Microsoft Back-up is acctually seagates technology!(It is on win 98 not sure in XP).

Do you think this is a bit of a cheat, putting MS on something seagate made?


  Djohn 10:23 06 Sep 2004

It's not yet happened to me but last year I decided to format my drive after installing a second drive. Instead of it taking most of the day plus several days of fine tuning to my previous settings, I was up and running in 15-20 minutes with all settings exactly as prior to the format.

All this was done, even the ISP details, internet settings, e-mail and favourites where as they should be. This was all due to your constant reminders to do a regular backup early last year, it finally sank in and I was very grateful when the day came. :o)

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 06 Sep 2004

For those who want a good link to a comprehensive backup guide, click here

Also have a look at Karen's Replicator: click here - a good free tool for automating backing.

Finally, Norton Ghost is an excellent tool but at a cost. click here

  Djohn 10:36 06 Sep 2004

I'll leave it to others to give a more concise guide to backups. there are several programs such as "Drive Image, Ghost, Acronis" that will do an excellent job for you.

Any one of these applications will image your drive to save in a separate partition or preferably a second drive. It is a complete image of your drive stored in a folder on your second partition/drive. If anything goes wrong with the C: Drive it's a simple matter of formatting C: drive and copying over the image.

Your system will be returned to the exact state prior to the crash or format, the only info lost will be the last day or so depending on how often you schedule a backup.

Because it's an exact image, all the settings/Programs/Applications are restored in one go. Time taken is how fast your second drive can transfer the image back to the main drive, very fast and no constant inserting of CD's then adjusting and fine tuning of settings.

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