Every 30 minutes my Windows 7 PC hangs, until I reboot

  Graphicool1 17:37 18 Jan 2014

The headline says it all

  Graphicool1 17:56 24 Jan 2014


Clutch away my friend, who knows, someone might just hit upon the answer eventually.

Although in the case of the 'Screensaver', yes I have a screensaver, but it's set to kick in after 10 minutes, not 30. I suppose I could turn it off and be certain that isn't the culprit. After all I can always turn off the monitor if I'm going to be away from the PC for any length of time.

  martd7 19:07 24 Jan 2014

Could it be anything to do with ram? If you have 2 sticks of ram take one out see if the pc still freezes,if it does remove the other one and reinsert the one you removed and try again?

Worth a go

  Graphicool1 19:32 24 Jan 2014

Everything is worth a go, I'll give it a try. I was/am intending to upgrade my RAM anyway. I'll try almost anything, although I just hope it isn't anything to do with my CMOS battery. I'd have to take out my heatsink to get to that. It's a huge great brick of a thing and was a devil to install. It's an Arctic Freezer Xtreme'.

I'm also looking at 'How to Repair a Corrupt Windows 7 Installation', but you have to fool it into thinking you're trying to update an old version of Windows. CLICK HERE to read the full article, if you're interested

  Graphicool1 17:28 01 Feb 2014


OK Guys, this is it, I started this thread on January 8. On January the 23, disappointed with my PC's lack of improvement, I decided to look elsewhere for the fix. So I spread my wings and looked further afield...

Not to another PC Fix It site, yes I'm afraid so.

I am pleased to tell you that my latest PC woes have at long last come to an end. On January 31 to be precise.

But I'm not here to chastise anyone on PCA who contributed to this thread. I know you were all here to support me and was racking your brains for the solution and for that I thank you all for your attempts. But it is with much regret that I have to inform you that the answer eventually came from elsewhere.

Ironically the path which I was directed to undertake was actually mentioned in this very thread, by both myself and Jock1e in passing. That was 'msconfig.exe'.

The culprit was 'Spyware Terminator', I've used this for years with Windows 7 32 bit. But even though I installed their 64 bit version it wasn't good for me. Not that I was unhappy to lose it, I had been thinking about getting rid of it for sometime, because recently they have started putting pop-up adverts, (for their other products) on my desktop. It's replacement, has been tried and tested for sometime by me and performs its tasks quickly and quietly in the background, never in my face. That software is 'Super Anti Spyware' (SAS).

  Graphicool1 15:53 02 Feb 2014

Thanx for that Dave, I do also run Malwarebytes and Spyware Blaster. But thanx again for your thoughts and suggestions mate. G1

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