everest home edition.

  CPUover 18:28 31 Jul 2008

i have this on my pc and it displays loads of info about my pc and is useful. I'd just like too know how precise the temperatures are on it. it say my CPU is at 25C (77F), my mobo is 34C (93F) and my HDD is at 38C (100F). my CPU is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 duel core 5000+ and its overclocked too 2.94Ghz. It runs sweet but im just concerned that the temp for the CPU might be wrong as im only using the AMD cooling fan that came with with the CPU and theres 3 case fans. I had a intel CPU before and when i overclocked that it got heated easy so is it me or are AMD's better for keeping cool? oh and is the Everest precise? cheers

  sinbads 18:35 31 Jul 2008

try this as a comparison more info too click here

  CPUover 18:55 31 Jul 2008

Just installed that program and very pleased with it. very detailed and it also say my CPU is running around the 34C marked which im more inclined too believe. cheers.

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