Ever get nailed by spyware??

  wawadave 22:45 21 May 2004

spyware warrior forums is being legally threatened by a spyware maker
EnigmaSoftwareGroup they have posted a few letters in her blog you can read more about what is being done to poor suzi at spyware warriors!
click here

and the letters are posted here!
click here
please post your support against the spyware writers.
if you have ever gotten nailed by spyware or been helped by that forum. you can say your 2 cents worth!!!!
have a nice day!

  stalion 23:00 21 May 2004

Forum Editor not our policy on this forum to put companies down I believe.Regards

  end 23:12 21 May 2004

seconded..... F.E. needs to "attend"....tas.

  stalion 23:39 21 May 2004


  VoG II 23:50 21 May 2004

No, we should not be castigating companies on this forum. Nevertheless there are concerns about this one click here and I think that wawadave was legitimate in raising this issue.

  ted bear 05:50 22 May 2004

i would like to thank wawadave for bringing this to my attention. i deplore all forms of trick or scare selling and from what i read the product didnt sound too good either.

  Belatucadrus 10:55 22 May 2004

" legally threatened " How ? I've read the transcript several times and can see no threats of legal proceedings. No matter what the merits or failings of SpyHunter and Enigma. It looks to me as if that forum has gone slightly overboard over a politely worded request to put up or shut up. If the spyware claims are true then Enigma haven't a leg to stand on end of story, if not then they have a case that needs looking at properly.

  muppetmark 13:13 22 May 2004

There is a lot more to this than initially meets the eye, check the post from radio click here
particularly the the use of spybot-search-destroy.com, a name hijack if ever there was one, in recent months the maker of Spybot Search and destroy had problems owing to a company claiming he was using their trademark, wonder if they are related?

It has also long been known in the antispyware to be not as good as SpybotS&D and Adaware both FREE, and also installs some of it's own extras (but buried deep in the eula)

  wawadave 17:06 22 May 2004

this is only there first steps into legal action.
they are mearly testing the waters. looking for the weakest link.

  end 17:40 22 May 2004

do I DARE "interject"....given the "transition" between spybot 1.2 and 1.3.....is one "sure" that one is "getting the "Kosher" version OF spybot...or COULD the "other thing" have, somehow "crawled into bed" with it????? ( just a though, judging by the comments people have posted about problems WITH the programme....)AND, if it HAS been "hijacked", then what "is in it" that one would not wish to "give house room "to............ ,,,,,(havent read any of the background TO this but, .......just a thought........)

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