Events - UNPNP - Errors in Event log!!!!! HELP

  Gaz 25 22:54 09 Apr 2003

After installing Unplug n prey, I have the following message in Events log as ERROR, however I do run on a network, and it is not a server, Other systems have this and no problems. Without Un plug n Prey lots of blocked outgoing upnp alerts. Error msg:

UDCOM got error "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. " attempting to start the service upnphost with arguments "" in order to run the server:

For more information, see Help and Support Center at click here.

Whats wrong? Thanks.

  Gaz 25 11:04 10 Apr 2003


  AndySD 11:28 10 Apr 2003

Nothings wrong its just Win xp telling you you have disabled UNPNP annoying but thats all.

  Gaz 25 13:03 10 Apr 2003

DO NOT show the message?

Also, when I do disable UPNP Norton Firewall logs thousends of outgoing UPNP requests and denys them.

Why, normal?

The PC runs on a small network and is not a server but shares a folder.


  AndySD 15:14 10 Apr 2003

Other services are probably trying to use it click here Universal Plug and Play Device Host

  Gaz 25 17:18 10 Apr 2003

To do with networking not plug n play devices such as scanners and printers.

  Gaz 25 17:24 10 Apr 2003

What could be, I share a printer, but not internet.

And why if I enable it does norton detect lots of outgoing via the internet????


  Gaz 25 17:26 10 Apr 2003

Server process on this PC works fine, no problems with networking.

This system does not act as the main server anyway.

  Gaz 25 17:32 10 Apr 2003


  AndySD 17:43 10 Apr 2003

My advice..... just ignore them.

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