Event Viewer problem

  birdface 10:01 17 Sep 2010

Hi checked out event viewer this morning and I cannot get it to close.
It shows this problem.

[You must close dialog boxes before you can close event viewer]

Probably something simple as I just check to see what problems show and do not mess about with it.

I did download IE9 Betta so not sure if that is the problem.
It will not close so I either have to reboot or just minimise it until I switch off.

It is no big deal just a matter of not opening it but you know how it is when you get a problem you like to fix it or it bothers you.
I have to go out for an hour but any comments welcome but none for you should not run a Betta.

  Seth Haniel 10:29 17 Sep 2010

the dialog window open in the background, behind explorer ??

  lotvic 10:46 17 Sep 2010

Could you close it via Task Manager?

  birdface 12:22 17 Sep 2010

Could not find anything running in Taskmanager that wasn't supposed to.
I will have another look shortly as I Just got back home.

  birdface 12:24 17 Sep 2010

[you havn't got

the dialog window open ]

Not sure what is the Dialog window.
And how do you get to it.

  birdface 12:31 17 Sep 2010

I did a chkdsk when I was going out and just tried event viewer a few times and it seems to be working normally again.
Not sure what the problem was I did reboot a few times and still could not exit the event viewer and when closing down I could see this,
Some property Dialog boxes are still open.
But like I said seems to be working ok just now so just about to try another reboot and see what happens.

  Seth Haniel 12:33 17 Sep 2010

if you double click on the information or error it opens in a seperate small 'event properties' window' I have often had one left open behind explore - if you minimize everythi ng down it may be open there on desktop

what version Wins are you on ??

  birdface 12:46 17 Sep 2010

Its back again.Double clicking the warning does nothing.Just that something is running and don't see anything in Taskmanager as System Idle process shows about 99% so nothing there.
I made sure nothing was open on the Taskbar but no difference.
Mind you we had the grand kids all night so not sure what they might have been up to.

  birdface 12:49 17 Sep 2010

W/7 32 Bit.

  Viknesh-1708780 05:14 27 Feb 2011

I think this results from installing IE9 (beta). It replaces the XML parser that Windows comes with. To end the Event Viewer, use Task Manager to kill "mmc.exe" (Microsoft Management Console).

  birdface 09:56 27 Feb 2011

Thanks for the late reply.
I have another computer now and never go near Event Viewer I find if i deleted the program that was giving me the problems on event viewer it would just come up with problems on another one of my programs.
So I have decided to steer well clear of event viewer now basically as I was not sure what I was doing and secondly was not sure if it is possible that it was giving false positives the same as my security program.

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