europe online broadband problem

  fullywired23 19:11 02 Nov 2003

A friend of mine signed up for the "Europe online" satellite broad band service ,which also provided all the free to air Tv programs,he is using the Europe online DVB card supplied by EOL and after a lot of Teething problems he got it working but now he can't get the tv stations,he just gets a black screen.
however he can still get his downloads and he can still get the teletext for the tv stations and the icon on the taskbar shows green(meaning that he has a strong signal)So the broadband side is still working but not the tv side
Has any one any experience with these cards and could you offer any suggestions on what might have gone wrong??

  john-232317 20:33 02 Nov 2003

Is it like a tv card where you have to go into setup and scan for the channels, or is direct access to each channel ?

  fullywired23 20:42 02 Nov 2003

As I understand it you have to scan for channels.It was working alright and as I said previously he can still get the teletext from the channels and the icon shows a strong I don't think it is a tuning problem
But I may be wrong because I Know nothing about these cards
Thanks for the reply


  john-232317 08:12 03 Nov 2003

Does not look as if anybody has any experience, but this will bring it up to the top again.

As it was working once, and if he hasn't changed anything or added any software that may conflict with it, he should contact EOL for advice.

Good luck.

  fullywired23 11:44 03 Nov 2003

Thanks for the reply
My friend has informed me that he has spent the weekend flattening the drive and has reinstalled every thing and everything is now working .
He had tried installing the software over the top of the previous installation but that didn't work,so he bit the bullet and flattened the drive

Thanks again

  john-232317 15:08 03 Nov 2003

good result...;-)

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