eTrust registration

  Miss Happy 17:56 28 Apr 2005

On new Medion Mid2030 laptop, eTrust Antivirus is pre-installed though it's a 90 day expire on updates. A pop-up registration box is meant to appear when starting up pc for first time (mine didnt),- to fill in licence number (though it also says on enclosed bit of paper with laptop that this is to be found by start>progs>launch eTrust Antivirus>help>choose'about eTrust Antivirus' click 'Register'
My Medion doesnt have any Register to click! I am meant to then type in License key - where!
Thanks, I have no idea how eTrust (medion give on bit of paper: click here for more info - no help at all! Maybe it the pop-up box didnt appear 'cus one of the recommended security settings on setting up new pc with Wxp sp2 pre-installed is 'Block pop-up windows'!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:41 28 Apr 2005

Wny not uninstall eTrust and install a free option: Avast or AVG?

  Miss Happy 21:53 28 Apr 2005

zonealarm on on old laptop, patly the reason for NEW laptop was what zonealarm left behind when it installed it's automatic 'security update'a few months ago with a BETTER newer version for MY security - loaded it-it crashed PC on re-boot then couldnt un-install without messing with reg'to get rid of a couple of their, zonelabs software developers files, so new BETTER security version could install properly.
Hence, I would uninstall eTrust at the drop of a hat if I were sure it would not wreck my new PC by leaving its entrails everywhere. It also has AOL preinstalled on it - hope I can just delete that one(?), tried to close pc down and I received 'Prog is still running'you will lose all... if you choose to close without it finishing - this prog was AOL.EXE!
I have installed ntlworld manualy and ignored the preinstalled. I had been using AVG on old PC (I am writing on now).
What gets to me is on first starting up brand new laptop, Windows xp sp2 tells me before I get to do anything, to choose Block pop-ups as a security measure. A pop-up is the first thing that is meant to pop-up when the desktop shows - it didnt and I cannot access the eTrust avtivirus reg. pop-up now so I assume PC is completly open to viruses. Does anyone actualy test a new machine before writing 'énter your email address in the pop-up that the screen that Microsoft just asked me to block on opening the PC for the first time!
Sorry, I am very annoyed. I cannot register for my security updates and I am fumblin in the dark with a new PC, a touchpad that flies off though as if on a mission to Mars (- no wonder I couldnt find the mouse mat in the box), and Bl***y stupid instructions that even contradict themselves!

  donohue 15:44 18 May 2005

Launch etrust antivirus, go to help menu and then 'about etrust'. You should have a window with four buttons, one of which is Register. You will be asked to pay for two years subsciption. My advice would be don't bother. Uninstall etrust and any other antivirus software you may have and buy Norton Antivirus. It is a lot more user friendly. I have been using etrust for over a year and have had nothing but bother with it.

  BH34 16:01 18 May 2005

Phone Medion
Product Support Telephone Hotline
PC Multimedia, Notebooks and Consumer Electronic products
Telephone: 0870 727 0370 (national rate call charges apply)
Fax: 01793 715716
Monday - Friday
from 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
from 10:00am - 4:00pm

  Miss Happy 15:50 19 May 2005

I phoned Medion on 29th April.I had a good help from a customer support technician from regarding the eTrust software pre-installed by Medion. It was on a 90 day trial so I thought I would try it rather than messing about with a new system and leaving it open to attack.
It is all in the past now as the notebook has been returned. The cooling fan on the notebook would come on a lot, even when the system was idle and it was noisy. The system was returned after a PC tech listened to it and said he didn't think the fan should be on so often nor be making so much noise. The noise was a big issue making listening to dvds and stereo sound almost impossible.
Thanks for your help

  LANDCRUISER 16:03 19 May 2005

you could try system restore,then start again

  Miss Happy 16:25 19 May 2005

I put it back to factory - when I returned it. Somerfield gave a full refund. Somerfield spoke to Medion whilst I waited for the refund. Medion however, insisted I could not have a refund and the notebook would have to be returned to them. They would not authorise the shop to give one. Regardless of this I did have the full amount back thanks to Somerfield.
If there is a problem with a PC surely the technicians on support helplines should help put it right, not fluff over it and change the subject rapidly?
I have managed to resurrect my old laptop that recently kept crashing constantly. It has no dvd-rw or stereo sound, but at least it doesn't sound as though it is going to take off every few seconds!

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