etrust EZ armor

  bluebird 11:18 10 Apr 2004

Does anyone use this particular av. Its free for a year and im tempted. pros and cons anyone. cheers and thanks in advance.

  bvw in bristol 11:27 10 Apr 2004

I did use it, it came installed on my new machine with 3 months free use.

After the 3 months I removed it and went back to AVG.

No problems with it, just found it a bit clumsy to use and happily went back to AVG.

  bluebird 11:32 10 Apr 2004

thanks bvw for your reply can u elaborate on clumsy please

  Belatucadrus 11:32 10 Apr 2004

The firewall part is apparently based around ZoneZlarm pro, so that's as good as it gets, the anti virus is based on the old InoculateIT engine and looks a bit dated, the pass rate at Virus Bulletin is fair click here but I think that the avast! free AV package offers a better update system and superior scanning of e-mail. So generally a sound product, but a bit mixed, part cutting edge part dated. If you're looking for a combined package though, as a freebie for 12 months it's more than capable of doing the job so why not?

PS the firewall will not install on W95, but the AV does without any problems.

  bvw in bristol 11:46 10 Apr 2004

Of course bluebird :)

I find AVG very user friendly, simple to use etc and it does not use much in the way of system resources etc.

Etrust installs several applications which run in the background. Scanning for viruses was a tad confusing, when it found a virus it took me a while to find out where it had isolated it.

I also have the 1 years free use of it if needed, but prefer to use AVG........ all a matter of preference I guess,

  GaT7 18:05 12 Apr 2004

It received a good review here - click here.

  alan227 18:50 12 Apr 2004

I Tried it but went back to ZA & AVG.

  QQAA 19:45 12 Apr 2004

several years back, i had used the the free anti-virus program "InoculateIT" from Computer Associates (CA).

but after a relatively short period, CA made the silly announcement that their freeware "InoculateIT" antivirus tool will become a paid product under the new product name of "eTrust EZ Antivirus". i stopped using it soon after i could no longer update the virus definition file online.

frankly speaking, i could have continued using their nifty antivirus tool for a couple more years had it not become a commercial product.

meanwhile, i do hope the freeware "avast! 4.1 Home Edition" would not follow the same route pursued by CA. my gut feeling tells me it would probably not, as currently both the free and paid versions are available from the developer.

  QQAA 20:00 12 Apr 2004

if you don't mind paying, i guess it might be worthwhile for you to continue with your usage of "eTrust EZ Armor" from CA click here.

it combined the "eTrust EZ Antivirus" with the "eTrust EZ Firewall" of CA.

  QQAA 20:42 12 Apr 2004

by the way, i have taken a detailed look at the product-review link provided by Crossbow7, which covered the following firewall tools :

1. "Kerio Personal Firewall 4"
2. "Sygate Personal Firewall"
3. Zone Labs "ZoneAlarm 4.5"
4. WyvernWorks "Firewall 2003 5.0"
5. Computer Associates "eTrust EZ Armor" (Firewall + Antivirus)

from a neutral position, i would say the author of the review is rather biased towards the "eTrust EZ Armor" from the mighty Computer Associates. as it stands, this product from CA enjoyed the inherent advantage of a build-in antivirus component while having a reliable firewall componnet that is apparently licensed from Zone Labs. it is not a very fair and relevant product comparison, i would say.

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