Etron 188 USB 3.0 Card Driver Won't Install

  Big Trev 14:09 04 Jul 2014

Hello Again,

I bought an Etron PCI USB 3.0 4 port hub for my PC, which has a Gateway 5054b motherboard running Windows 7. When I try to install the drivers the computer hangs up and has to be turned off at the front switch. I tried a clean boot and the drivers installed, but the computer crashed, giving a fleeting dark blue screen with writing before shutting down. Did a restoring start up, thing (can't remember the word used) and all's well, except no drivers. Same story with the driver on the disc and the one downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Current device manager here [IMG][click here]1

  rdave13 15:14 04 Jul 2014

According to here, the latest version is . Is that the version you installed?

  Big Trev 19:50 04 Jul 2014

Yes it is.

  rdave13 20:22 04 Jul 2014

I've had a look at their site but find the technical support link is disabled ? bottom left. The only link for contact is to their reps, click here, might be worth dropping the UK rep an email.

Looks like a dodgy driver/firmware to me.

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