Ethernet wired v wireless internet connection

  GMD 19:33 13 Jun 2012

I've always had a wired router but recently bought a wireless one so I could play BBC iPlayer through my TV. It is usually fine but sometimes gets extremely slow both for sending and receiving emails and for connecting to websites. So I have today tried going back to my wired router and it is much quicker. Is this a coincidence or a known fact? I live in a very rural area.

  rdave13 19:38 13 Jun 2012

There might be interference sometimes on the signal the router is sending. Have you tried changing the channel the router is broadcasting on?

  GMD 19:50 13 Jun 2012

I didn't know you could change channels. I am only talking about PC internet speed and emailing. I don't have any problems with the BBCiPlayer

  rdave13 20:10 13 Jun 2012

BBCi player depends on internet speed. 2 Meg is the minimum I think for goodish performance. Try running a speed test a few times in a day on Ethernet and do the same again on wireless. This one is quite good.

  Nontek 22:07 13 Jun 2012

A wired connection is quicker than wireless.

  rdave13 22:12 13 Jun 2012

Nontek, but not by much if you're fairly close to the router. My speed tests don't vary much from wi-fi to wired in the house. In the gaiden it's a different matter..... :(

  Nontek 22:16 13 Jun 2012


Agreed, but when one is in a Rural, poor reception area, every little helps.

  rdave13 22:24 13 Jun 2012

I'm in a rural area. Reception depends on the router settings and the speed the ISP can supply.

  rdave13 22:27 13 Jun 2012

Correction, the speed the ISP will supply without doing work in the exchange.

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