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Ethernet to WiFi. Equipment needed?

  Tycho 17:26 01 Feb 2018

My mother-in-law (90 3/4 years old) has just moved into an old person's flat where there is broadband provided for no extra charge but through a wired ethernet. This is excellent but she can't use her iPad on the end of a yellow cable.

What kit do I need to give her a WiFi signal from the ethernet socket?


  john bunyan 19:08 01 Feb 2018

Some examples


  Tycho 20:23 01 Feb 2018

Thanks. I have one of these NETGEAR 11AC 750 Mbps which I use to boost my WiFi signal at home. Having had another look at it I see that it has a socket for the ethernet cable. If I plug in this kit to the care home's socket in m-i-l's room will it then produce a WiFi signal for the iPad. What about passwords?


  john bunyan 21:24 01 Feb 2018

You will need the wi fi code for the care home. Should not be a problem .

  Secret-Squirrel 09:08 02 Feb 2018

What kit do I need to give her a WiFi signal from the ethernet socket?

Nick, if you're looking for something small, compact, and easy to use then this should be ideal if there's a mains socket near the Ethernet socket. Simply connect it via the supplied cable, flick the switch to "Access Point" mode and the WiFi network name and password are on the unit's sticker.

The WiFi range won't be great but should more than enough for a small flat.

If you're near a Maplin store then it's £5 cheaper.

  Tycho 14:06 05 Feb 2018

Thanks, Secret Squirrel. I have ordered that and if mama-in-law gives me enough peace I will post back and tell you how successful it is.

Many thanks for all the help everyone has given.


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