Ethernet Stops Working but no Error Msg?

  Alkemist 18:43 06 Aug 2005

Hia Everyone,

I'm on BT Broadband connected by ethernet to my computer. Every now and then it simply stops! No error msg, no hang, just nothing.

If I unplug the cable and plug it back in it starts again! I don't have to re-set. What's happening to my connection? The problem doesn't seem to correlate to anything I'm doing.


Windows XP Home
Ethernet 1394 Net Adapter (if that helps, it's built into the ASUS mother board)

  Taff36 09:20 07 Aug 2005

Try Start>Control Panel>Network Connections and right click the LAN connection then properties. On the General Tab you should have the name of the Adapter, click configure. Now the configure settings vary by manufacturer so forgive me if this isn`t exactly right - Go to the power saving tab and try unticking the box that says allow the computer to turn off the device for power saving. There may also be a setting under the advanced tab called "link down power setting".

Also on the original properties tab (before you clicked configure) select the box that says Notify me if this connection has limited or no connectivity) See if the above makes a difference and post back.

  Alkemist 11:57 07 Aug 2005

Ah, that sounds like a possible candidate for this problem. I'll give it a go and report back.

Wouldn't Windows be aware that I'm using the ethernet card and keep it live rather than powering it down?


  Taff36 20:47 07 Aug 2005

I`m not sure myself. I have a wireless connection to a router and if I leave it for say 15 minutes without using it (sending data) my mailwasher tells me that there is no connection. Refreshing a page in IE restarts that conection. So in your instance I was thinking along the same lines, it is only a cable connection working basically the same way.

  Taff36 20:55 07 Aug 2005

By the way which router is it. There seems to be numerous posts about BT broadband connections "dropping"

  Chegs ® 14:10 13 Aug 2005

I'm getting exactly the same problem.The router/modem is Actiontec,and the network is starting to drive me mental.Last night,I went and got the network running,set off a large d/l and when I went to check its progress the network was "off" and the d/l had stopped at 27%.I eventually managed to get the network running again(unplug and reconnect the CAT5 cable)but today,nothing works.The network is refusing to reactivate.

  Alkemist 09:28 15 Aug 2005

Hia Folks,

My connection doesn't seem to have stopped since I turned off the sleep function. I'm still not sure this is the source of the problem because I too had the connection fail in the middle of downloads.

When it happens to me I’m still connected there’s just no data flow (no error msg either).

I have the BT Voyager 205, I don't think it's this because if I re-set the machine but not the router it works again. Similarly if I unplug the ethernet cable and plug back in without any sort of re-set it works again. This makes me think it's a software problem.

I read in another thread that the problem can be caused by incorrect MTU (I think I got that right) settings?

Odd one this…Alkemist

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