Ethernet socket question & 1 other!

  gazmix 11:07 25 Feb 2008

I am using a Siemens wireless router but using it via a wired connection.

The Ethernet socket at the rear that my router connects to the pc too is always lit up, even though pc is powered off!
Is this ok & why does it do this?

Also, is there any way of checking out if all is ok within my pc, hard drive & the electrical mechanics of the system, without taking the thing to bits & having a look!



  Gongoozler 12:11 25 Feb 2008

Most PC's have a BIOS option to "Wake up on LAN", so this would require the Ethernet socket to be permanently active. The only way for a motherboard to be completely unpowered is to switch off the mains supply to the computer.

  Gongoozler 12:15 25 Feb 2008

Regarding your question no.2, I think it's a case of "If it works it's OK". There are various programs that will check the performance of your computer, and some that will tell you what's in your computer. If the computer is working it's best to leave the insides alone. If it's more than a few years old, then it's worth checking the heatsinks for dust, but that's about all.

  Totally-braindead 12:25 25 Feb 2008

Theres no program to check all your items for faults, as mentioned if it appears to be fine you're as well leaving it other than checking that fans are ok and its clear of dust.
You can check the hard drives for faults with utilities downloaded from the hard drive manufacturers website as an example but unless theres some sort of problem I don't see much point in running them.
Basically you keep your eyes and ears open, if a strange noise appears or if the computer does strange things then that is the time to start looking for problems.
Failing that I agree with Gongoozler - leave it alone.

  gazmix 13:00 25 Feb 2008

Well i mention the issue about the internals of my pc as sometimes the fan makes a 'speeding up' sound on occasions.
I mentioned this in another thread that it happens when running Spybot S&D, but occasionaly happens at anytime.
I haven't a clue what i'd be looking at within my pc, but i guess if i gave it a blast with an air can from time to time, that would be ok?

The Ethernet issue!, if i was to unplug the mains supply & therefor turning off my connection, would i lose my router settings?


  Totally-braindead 13:08 25 Feb 2008

Don't know about the ethernet issue but regarding the fan, if the fan is one thats connected to the motherboard it could well be the motherboard is speeding the fan up because the PC is getting warmer.

If you think its noisy and can identify the fan concerned ( as theres a few fans and obviously you need to identify the problem one ) you could replace it if you wished with a quieter one.

Overclockers as an example click here specify in the specifications of the fans they sell the noise level of each and you could change it if you think its really noisy.

In the meantime I would keep a check on the temperatures, you may find you already have a program to do that on your motherboard disk and if not you could try the likes of Speedfan click here which is free

  Totally-braindead 13:09 25 Feb 2008

Initially I would check the inside for dust buildup and give it a clean with a clean dry paint brush - while its off obviously and scoot any build up of dust out of the case and then see what happens.

  interzone55 13:12 25 Feb 2008

The ethernet light on your router will be active as long as there is something plugged in - remove the network cable from the port and the light will go out.

This is simply a diagnostic light to show the the connection is active.

  recap 13:19 25 Feb 2008

click here for a free download that will test your hardware. I have not used this software so cannot comment on its reliability.

  MAJ 13:36 25 Feb 2008

"The Ethernet issue!, if i was to unplug the mains supply & therefor turning off my connection, would i lose my router settings?"


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