Ethernet socket on pc query.

  Meshuga 22:22 06 Aug 2004

I am fitting a router to connect my 2 pcs. One pc has a ethernet rj45 socket which has a tiny light alongside it which is on. The other pc has the same rj45 socket but no light is on. When the first pc is connected to the router the appropriate port light comes on but when the other pc is connected to the router no port light comes on. Does the ethernet rj45 socket have to be set up in any way to make it work or is it possibly faulty. Its 6 months old and has not been used before. My os is xp home.Meshuga.

  hillybilly 22:35 06 Aug 2004

Lets talk about the one that does not light up.

1. Is it onboard or is it in a pci slot?
If it is onboard, is it diasabled in the bios?

2. If it is in a pci slot have checked device manager to see if the drivers are installed?

  AndySD 22:37 06 Aug 2004

You may well have to enable it in the BIOS/Setup

  Meshuga 22:56 06 Aug 2004

it appears to be attached to MOBO and looks like small metal cube. Definitely Not in a pci slot.Unfortunately, with my limited knowledge as a novice I do not feel competent to go into the bios as both you and AndySD have suggested but will have a go if either of you would be good enough to give me a "Talk Through" including how to get into the bios. If I feel out of my depth I will have to get some local help. Thank you for any help you can give. I have to go off line shortly but will check in the morning. If the worst comes to the worst I will take it back to the company that built it for me and get them to do it as I have a 3 year warranty but dont want a 60 mile round trip if I can avoid it. Regards, Meshuga.

  hillybilly 23:08 06 Aug 2004

it is very easy to check, first from your decription you have onboard. heres what to do.

1. Start up you pc and as soon as you hear a bleep or see anything on the screen just tap the deleete key this should take you straight into your bios, if not repeat the process but press the F2 function key instead.

The nexy thing is to look around in there for a line which will probably say "onboard lan" it sounds like yours is disbled, if so just enable it then save the changes and come out to restart your pc. If you get nervous when you get in there you can always just hit the escape "esc" key and exit from the bios witout saving changes. It really is easy

  Meshuga 05:40 07 Aug 2004

The only thing I could find in the bios that mentioned Lan was a section marked "Boot to Lan" which was disabled, but, having enabled it hasnt made any difference. Meshuga.

  AndySD 06:14 07 Aug 2004


Look through again it will be there. Also Go Start the Control Panel then System and choose Hardware then click Device Manager is the lan connection there and working?

  Meshuga 08:29 07 Aug 2004

I have gone into Device manager and found under the heading of "Network Adaptor" the name "Intel(R) PRO/100VE Network Connection". Is this the one I am looking for?. It was shown as Disabled. I have enabled it and it now shows,Device working properly. Hope I have succeeded.??? Regards, Meshuga.

  Meshuga 12:55 07 Aug 2004


  AndySD 19:49 07 Aug 2004

Is the light showing on the back next to the socket?

  Meshuga 22:03 07 Aug 2004

No, it has not come on although I set it as enabled in Device manager. I have however had a word with the workshop manager this morning at the company where I had it built to see if he could suggest anything and he has asked me to bring it in on monday morning and they will fix it straight away. They have a wonderful after sales service and allow you in the workshops with the engineer. They are only 50 minutes from home and are just outside Cambridge. I will definitely post a message for you to let you know the outcome. Regards and thanks, Meshuga.

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