ethernet and SM bus controllers

  gibfish26 17:14 01 Jan 2010

hi all,
after messing up my pc trying to upgrade from vista to 7.i have now managed to reinstall vista,but i cant connect to internet,when i go to device manager and clk other devices it shows ethernet controller and SM bus controller,both have the yellow warning triangle next to them,i assume these are pc is a dell inspiron 530,been on dell website but cant find these items listed.are they something to do with the main board which is a dell inc 0RY007 serial no CN7360477M03V7.could someone please help me to sort this,nice and simple please.thanks.

  howard64 17:17 01 Jan 2010

most dells have a recovery section which includes all the drivers needed. You should have run the dell factory default prog to set up your pc with all its drivers. This applies even if you are running a newer prog than the pc was supplied with. Having run the recovery prog you can then update os if necessary.

  GaT7 17:22 01 Jan 2010

Download & install the latest Chipset & Network drivers from click here.

If you're not sure what network hardware you have, install all the Network drivers offered there one at a time until you install the correct one - i.e. until there no network-related problems in Device Manager. G

  GaT7 17:23 01 Jan 2010

Perhaps try howard64's suggestion first if you have the recovery partition/disks. G

  gibfish26 18:16 01 Jan 2010

howard 64,i cant find dell recovery section,when i ran recovery disc to get vista back on my pc i have lost everything,i also have the driver and utilities disc which i have run but no joy.can i custom install windows seven without the internet connection.many thanks.

crossbow,i have been on to your link but cant find chipset&network drivers,what do i look under,sorry but not very clued up on this stuff.thanks.

  GaT7 18:43 01 Jan 2010

When I click on the link I get this page: for a screenshot click here. Don't you? G

  howard64 09:56 02 Jan 2010

if you have recovery disks then you will not have the recovery section. I would try running the drivers disk again and see if you can get it to install the ethernet driver. Once done you should simply be able to insert the w7 disk and do a complete install. You could install w7 without ethernet connection and it might even set your ethernet up for you. No harm ftrying anyway as you have the equivalent of a clean hard drive. If you lost stuff that you wanted before doing any of this you could try to recover it using easeus data recovery.

  gibfish26 11:39 02 Jan 2010

hi,howard64 and crossbow7.this morning decided to stop messing with vista and followed your advice and reinstalled windows 7,as i have already lost all my files etc i went for custom install and it's worked fine,now just got to sort out my other stuff,e-mail etc.i do have a complete back-up of my system which i updated before i did windows 7 upgrade so all's not lost.not tried my internet connection yet,using borrowed laptop at the moment.thanks for all your help.and a happy new year to all.gibfish26.

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