Ethernet + Printers

  Furkin 13:17 27 Jun 2012

Hi guys,

A few basic questions here -all leading to the same thing- please feel free to answer any or all of them.


1) My M.B only has one Ethernet connection – is Ethernet treated the same as USB,,, get a hub & connect several items to it ?


2) I am looking to replace my Magicolor 2530DL Laser printer. Are Ethernet printers faster than USB ?

3) Are there any/many USB-3 printers out yet ?

4) What’s the best colour L.Printer out, either now, or imminent, at a top cost of £150/60ish ? Purely for Home use & not network.


  Furkin 13:18 27 Jun 2012

Why did I get a PCA error message saying;

"WE think this is spam" ?

  Nontek 13:23 27 Jun 2012

You are probably a 'victim' of PCAs new security policies, trying to prevent spammers because there have been a few spam attacks recently.

  Woolwell 13:25 27 Jun 2012

Ethernet is for network connections and is not the same as USB. A hub for ethernet could be your router. Printers with ethernet ports connect to your router and are networked and can be shared with any pc on the network. They do not connect directly to your PC. Most of these have a USB port too and may have wireless capabilities. Ethernet v USB isn't really relevant.

  Furkin 13:26 27 Jun 2012

Crikey,,,,, I've been here long enough for them to recognise me.

I've also just noted that several regulars seem to be having problems posting links, & even posting replies.

Isn't it time for an update ?

  Furkin 13:32 27 Jun 2012

Thanks Woolwell, I wondered why my HomeHub3 had so many ethernet connections.

My main machine is a desktop. I also have a laptop that is rarely used (it was a boon when my DT let me down). I've just got an ethernet cable for it, so I can connect direct to HH3, rather than wirelessly, hoping to make it quicker when on the 'net.

I might look into a home network at some point, just to link these items together,,,,, when I feel clever enough to understand it !?

thanks again.

  Nontek 15:04 27 Jun 2012

To connect your laptop to HomeHub3 from anywhere in the house, get a Set of HomePlugs ... very very easy, no settings to be input, simply plug and play!

Click here

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