ethernet PCI adapter installation causing problems

  Cal 22:53 09 Nov 2004

win xp

I am trying to install a Netgear GA311 ethernet PCI adapter but have run into problems.
Following the installation guide I successfully installed the software then shut down the PC to install the card in an empty PCI expansion slot.
Looking at the 5 PCI expansion slots on my PC: -No.1 : vacant, No. 2 : unused dialup modem card (using BB now), No. 3 : card used for firewire devices, No. 4 : Cretaive sound card, No. 5 : vacant.
I tried the ethernet card in slot No. 1 but on reboot the main power fan would not work which consequently caused a failure of the keyboard, mouse and monitor. The same result occured with the ethernet card in slot No. 5.
I removed the unused modem card and this seemed to do the trick with the power fan working again and the ethernet card in slot No. 1. A power distribution problem?

However on reboot the found new hardware wizard starts (noted in Netgear installation guide) but I ultimately end up with a 'problem installing this hardware :- Ethernet Controller.
An error occurred during the installation of the device. The data is invalid'.

To add to this I now have listed under 'Other Devices' in dev. manager (none of which were there before):- 'Ethernet Controller', 'IEEE1394 Controller' and 'Multimedia Audio Controller' all with yellow exclamation marks.

Seem to be going round in circles at the moment with uninstalls and reinstalls.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction please.


  User-312386 23:02 09 Nov 2004

remove the modem card

I had loads of problems with a netgear card a couple of years ago and pinpointed it to a hardware conflict with my modem

  Cal 23:08 09 Nov 2004

I have already removed the modem card as this is the only way the power fan would work (as I said a possible power distribution problem?).

But the introduction of the Netgear card seems to have caused trouble with the existing cards which are now also listed under 'Other Devices' as seperate 'controllers'.


  dan 11 23:25 09 Nov 2004

You could try this.

First, see if you can get the netgear card working. Go to device manager and delete the entry's for the modem, IEEE1394 Controller ( firewire),ethernet controller and the sound card. Switch off the machine and remove the soundcard, ethernet and firewire cards.

Boot up and install the software for the ethernet card. Then shut down as normal to install the card, try slot 4 or 5. Boot up and hopefully it will see the card and install.

If it gets to here, then just add the sound card next, pci 3 slot if available, boot up and install the drivers.

Lastly do the same for the firewire card.

  User-312386 23:28 09 Nov 2004

click here and look under section 6a

also click here for the firmware update

  Cal 23:41 09 Nov 2004

Hi madboy and dan 11

Thanks for the good advice, I think I'll try these suggestions first thing in the morning when my levels of concentration are higher.

Please keep an eye on the thread as I'll let you know how I get on.


  Cal 14:44 10 Nov 2004

Finally after literally dozens of unistalls, reinstalls and all possible PCI card slot / combinations I happened upon click here

Following this editing of the registry the Netgear ethernet adapter installed right away thank god.

Apparently the message 'the data is invalid' can be quite common in win XP when trying to install certain drivers.

I'm now going to attempt to get my wireless network up and running so knowing my luck I may be back later.


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