Ethernet over power

  Peter-298738 16:32 30 Jan 2007

I have a wireless network, but it doesn't work very well - connection keeps dropping as it tries to renew the IP address. I'm advised it may be something to do with the location - old flat, thick walls.

I don't want a wired network if it means wires all over the place. I'm thinking of trying ethernet over power to use existing electric circuits (flat has just been rewired).

Can't find much about it, and a search here doesn't return any results. Does anyone know how reliable this solution is likely to be?

  nick2308 16:56 30 Jan 2007

If you Google 'ethernet over power lines' you will get quite a few responses. Prices range from UKP 35 - UKP 145 upwards, with speeds of 14 Mbps to 200 Mbps. Hope this helps.

  dms05 21:44 30 Jan 2007

The generic trade name is 'Homeplug'. If you Google that you'll get lots of information. Try searching ebay with 'Homeplug' to see some offerings.

You connect one Homeplug to your router then another Homeplug is needed for each outlet. They look like bulky 13 amp plugs and have a LAN connection built into them. Simple encryption just in case a neighbour uses the same system.

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