ETHERnet or USB whats faster?

  weyland 14:08 12 Jun 2003

People !!

im in the process of getting an abit nf7s with an xp2700 and win XP. does anybody know if an ethernet rj45 connection is faster (or would be faster) than my current usb ntl cable modem, motorolas sb4100 ?

  keith-236785 16:05 12 Jun 2003

The NTL Cable Modem i have runs (according to the Network adaptor details) at 10mbs, a network card is 10/100 mbs,(faster than USB1.1, dont know about USB2.0 as i dont have it) it doesnt make any difference to the speed of downloads though,

i am on NTL 150 Broadband and get about 19kbps
my nephew is on NTL 600 and gets aprox 70-80kbps

both are connected via USB1.1

i have also set up through a network card and still only got 19kbps download speed

  -pops- 16:08 12 Jun 2003

Broadband speeds are well below the capabilities of either USB or ethernet.


  Wak 16:09 12 Jun 2003

I'm not too sure which is the faster but apart from the speed, I understand that Ethernet uses less of the resources than USB which can be a bonus.

  -pops- 16:12 12 Jun 2003

Good point, Wak but, with a modern setup and broadband having its own USB port, I don't think it will make a lot of difference.


  Wak 20:02 12 Jun 2003

Hi pops, I think I read it somewhere in this forum that the USB port itself uses more resources than an Ethernet connection, but with regards to the actual speed of connection, considering the ups and downs of broadband these days, I don't think anyone would notice the difference in the nano-seconds, do you?

  jazzypop 20:11 12 Jun 2003

I have been asked to 'sort out' several NTL modems that were giving disappointing download and browsing speeds. Without exception, changing from a USB to Ethernet connection resulted in an improvement.

  User-312386 20:17 12 Jun 2003

ethernet, as long as you have a free PCI slot

however, with usb2 around and computers getting quicker and quicker I don't think you will see much difference as king as you have a fast computer processor

  broggs 20:32 12 Jun 2003

My usb adaptor slowed my p111 system down when I was burning cd's.I got an ethernet adaptor and the speeds more than trebled on clone cd.

  rickf 20:42 12 Jun 2003

Ethernet everytime!

  phredd 22:44 12 Jun 2003

My experience with NTL Internet connection via USB was a test result of 'very poor - much slower than expected'. At the time I was running it on a USB hub that also connected other devices such as scanner, printer, numeric keypad, mouse, camera.

Switching to Ethernet connection now gives a result of 'excellent - much better than expected'. I guess it maybe depends whether you can give the modem dedicated use of its own USB port.

My systen has improved from 'snails pace' to 'flying'!

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