Ethernet and Networking

  Lady Lara 20:09 30 Aug 2004

I curentl have 2 pcs linked together via crossover cable to 10/100 network card. I now wish to add a 3rd pc for my son to access the net. If i get one of these Ethernet Swiches is it as simple as plufgiing all 3 PC's into it via crossover cable and then conecting Ethernet to my PC (Master) which is connected to Broadband. Then just a simple configuration of software and away we go?

Is it that simple or do i need anything else?

  Mikè 20:30 30 Aug 2004

Not too sure but don't think you need crossover cables any more.

  wallbash 20:56 30 Aug 2004

It might be that simple, I don't know, but with three machines (plus at least one printer ?) i think its time to start setting up a home Network.

Origo broad band Router (with usb print server) +Lan cards total cost under £40 (FE likes wireless, but more expensive)

  Strawballs 23:59 30 Aug 2004

As Wallbash said router is the best way to go as you can access the net from any machine without having any of the others switched on (unlike my setup which uses a hub and the gateway PC has to be switched on but as I got everything from work out of the bin while they were upgrading I can't complain)

  TomJerry 00:02 31 Aug 2004

Origo product is cheap and very reliable, and also has large user base.

  AndySD 07:36 31 Aug 2004

The router route is simpler (no pun intended) But you are almost totally correct with your way, the only thing is that with the switch box you dont use crossover cables.

  Lady Lara 23:01 01 Sep 2004

OK then, SO i shall go for a router. What exactly do i need to link all 3 of my pcs together so they can all access web / printer / files???

  Strawballs 23:10 01 Sep 2004

If you wish to have printer share without haveing the machine it is connected to switched on you have to get a router with a print server so you can connect the printer to the router.

  wallbash 09:44 02 Sep 2004

Going back to my setup! With two daughters having their own machines , and the third machine I require, all demanding BB. But requiring only the Printer (in the study).We can all access the printer at any times.
So go and buy yourself a router but make sure it has a Built in Print Server. Check wot your Printer needs, Paraell or USB connection, my Origo is USB , but I Know Robotics do a Pararll.

But First ! you got to choose Wireless or 'hard cable' Most people are going wireless, saves all the cable going around the house.Prices are coming down all the time.

  TomJerry 10:39 02 Sep 2004

(1) Wired solution (normal cat5e wire not crossover wire) with printer attached to one PC (this PC needs to be switch one only when another PC needs to printer): you need a router with ADSL modem (assume you use ADSL BB, not cabel BB), example: Ebuyer 4 Port ADSL Modem Router £37.59 click here

(2) Wired solution (normal cat5e wire not crossover wire) with printer attached printer server: (a) Modem router as above, plus a printer server, example: Ebuyer 4 Port 10/100M Internet Broadband Router with USB Printer Server £21.17 click here, Ebuyer 1 Port Ethernet ADSL Modem Router £31.12 click here, U.S. Robotics Broadband Router with Paralell Print Server £20.98 click here (B)All-in-One solution: Modem-Router and Printer Server SMC SMC7404BRA Barricade Firewall ADSL Router w/Print Server
£82.24 click here

  TomJerry 10:57 02 Sep 2004

(1) Wireless Router with Build-ADSL Modem: D-Link 54mbps DSL-G604T Wireless ADSL 4 Port Modem Router £64.99 click here, PC can connect to it by wire or wirelessly, if you need to use a PC wirelessly, you need to get a wireless adaptor for that PC, e.g. Ebuyer 11Mbps Wirless (WI-FI) USB LAN Adapter (802.11b) £17.99 click here, Printer can connect to net via a PC or via a printer server suggested above

(2) All in one wireless solution, I cannot find one yet.

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