Ethernet Modem

  rawprawn 19:10 30 Nov 2005

I have just installed an ethernet card, and a D- Link ethernet modem. The modem is connected to the mains, my question is should I leave this plugged in all the time (ie. 24/7) or unplug it at night when I turn the computer off?. It would be a bit of a bind to unplug it as it is not really easy to reach.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 30 Nov 2005

click here

see the POST from the FE

  rawprawn 19:40 30 Nov 2005

Who do I believe, FE or DS ? do you have an opinion?

  woodchip 20:24 30 Nov 2005

Mine is a 3Com but leave it plugged in all the time, I would think it will do more arm than good pulling a Mains adapter out each time. Some new types are Switching adapters these are lighter than old type, and more power i.e. more m/amps

  rawprawn 07:46 01 Dec 2005

Thanks for that, after reading the other thread and seeing your reply I have decided to leave mine connected

  Batch 08:25 01 Dec 2005

Some reasons to leave an ADSL modem router turned on 24/7:

- Don't have to go to another part of the building to turn it on (mostly only an issue for wireless, as in most homes wired PCs tend to be local to the router).

- Don't have to wait for it to initialise, sync, and log-in before you are able to access Internet.

- Maintains same IP address (unless logout and log-in again for some reason), but generally this is of no value. See also reasons to switch off.

- Some ISPs seem to have periodic problems with log-ins, but users already logged in can continue to use the service OK.

Some reasons to switch an ADSL modem router off when not in use:

- If wireless and not secured, others have greater opportunity to purloin your bandwidth (a particular issue if you have something like a monthly download cap).

- Some PCs (esp. with wired networking) are prone to shutdown problems if still connected to the network. Turning off the router / hub is one way of mitigating against this.

- Ecologically sound, as is turning off any equipment when not in use.

- Ensures that connection / synchronisation / log-in problems are discovered soon after the root cause. This is why any sensible business regularly tests the bootability of systems. It's no good leaving a system running for 6 months and then finding after, say, a power interruption, the system won't boot - anything over the past 6 months could have been the cause.

- If you don't have a fixed IP address from your ISP, the log-in on start-up will get an available IP at the time. This increases security (let's get paranoid now).

  rawprawn 09:11 01 Dec 2005

Thank you for that full pro and con description, very helpful!

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