ethernet hub networking problem

  User-C4C79601-3CFD-47B8-A5E4D4AA6B4408AD 21:09 12 Mar 2005

Im using an ethernet hub to connect my pc and laptop together. they both use xp home. ive set up the network through the wizard and all seemed to be well. however my laptop can access the home pc but not the other way round. i used the help and support and tried everthing it told me to do but still would talk both ways. i can ping my laptop from the desk top and i can ping the desktop from the laptop. i just cant access the files. also when i try to make a file shared on the laptop it doesnt allow me to do it. but i can on my desktop. ive tried everthing i could think of and i still cant set up the network. plus i really dont want to mess up either my laptop or desktop doing it.
can anyone help please

  FelixTCat 21:28 12 Mar 2005

Make sure that the laptop has File and Printer Sharing ticked in the Local Area Connection Properties in Network Connections.

yes they are both ticked on both machines and it still doesnt work any ideas???

  FelixTCat 22:22 14 Mar 2005

Are both pcs in the same workgroup and do they have different individual names?

  Forum Editor 23:12 14 Mar 2005

as administrator?

both machines have different names and the same workgroup (mshome), and im the administrator on both but still no luck???

  zarobian 21:37 16 Mar 2005

If you have installed SP2 then Microsoft Fire Wall will be blocking it. Try disabling firewall on your laptop.
You can do this from security centre.

sp2 is not installed on either machine

  coordinator 00:23 19 Mar 2005

Have you got any shared folders on the computer you can't see?

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