Ethernet driver will not install properly

  ableseas 18:21 19 Dec 2005

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to this forum so hope someone can help with this problem please.I'm trying to get the ethernet controller on my gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro nforce 3 250 motherboard to see the latest driver I've installed for it.This is because I need to use the ethernet connection.Ever since installing the original motherboard drivers there's been a problem with the ehternet controller according to device manager in win xp pro that I'm using.Device manager says that NO driver is installed when I know Ive installed the driver.Is there a solution please?How can I force device manager to that the driver is in fact installed?
Thanks in advance to any replies :(

  Skyver 18:23 19 Dec 2005

Are you using drivers that came with the board or the Nvidia chipset drivers? click here

  ableseas 18:35 19 Dec 2005

Hi Skyver,thanks for your reply,
The drivers that came with the board were initially used,the ethernet controller driver seemingly not being seen by device manager.So I went to gigabyte's own web site to download the latest nVidia based motherboard chipset drivers and installed them ,but the ethernet driver,again, appears not be seen by device manager!!

  Skyver 18:37 19 Dec 2005

Is the LAN controller enabled in the BIOS? I doubt a modern board like that would use jumpers on the board to enable or disable hardware but it's worth checking.

  ableseas 18:50 19 Dec 2005

Bios has been checked out and according to the bios the ethernet controller IS enabled and going by the motherboard manual the motherboard does not appear to have any jumpers.

  Skyver 18:54 19 Dec 2005

Boot in safe mode and open Device Manager, see if there are multiple entries under Network Adaptors and delete any you find. Make sure you tick "show hidden devices" and issue this command at a command prompt too `Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1`

  woodchip 18:58 19 Dec 2005

Try this Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Lan then restart computer it may ask for drivers when you restart

  ableseas 19:06 19 Dec 2005

O.K people,thanks for you replies.I'll try those ideas from 'woodchip' and 'Skyver' and let you know soon.

  ableseas 20:40 19 Dec 2005

O.k folks...have tried 'woodchips' idea which will not work because it seems that windows does not recognise/accept the driver at all that I want to install.
Have also tried 'skyver's' idea which also unfortunately does not work.Device manager will not let me uninstall anything under the network adapter heading(of which I have 5 different wan miniport devices).Device manager comes back with 'failed to uninstall,device maybe required to boot computer'.So unfortunately I'm still in the mire.
Any other sugeestions please folks :(

  woodchip 20:51 19 Dec 2005

The driver you are trying to load Is it at least a Win2000 driver XP is better?

  ableseas 21:03 19 Dec 2005

The driver I'm trying to install is for Xp(I believe).The thing I've noticed though,is that when I try to install the driver manually there's no specific xp folder where you might think the drver for xp would reside.There is a windows 98 folder and therefore driver which xp accepts.But this obviuosly is not the correct driver.
Its almost as if there is no xp driver to be seen from the driver file I've downloaded from gigabyte's site.
Letting the system try to install the driver automatically is getting me nowhere because the system comes back saying it cannot find the driver,even if I point it in the correct direction.

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