ethernet and dongle alternating

  howard64 14:24 28 Apr 2010

A friend has asked me to clean up and update her pc which she connects to orange via a dongle. My system connects using ethernet. Is it possible to leave her settings intact but use the ethernet connection on her motherboard with my system. The dongle is not plugged in. If this is possible could you tell me what has to be done to stop the pc trying to connect via the non existent dongle and to use the ethernet. Thanks in advance.

  ame 15:22 28 Apr 2010

Can you not go into Control panel>Network Connections and disable the dongle connection temporarily?

  ame 15:23 28 Apr 2010

i.e. Right click on the relevant connection and select disable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 28 Apr 2010

Your ISP settings are in your router

You do not need to change her wireless settings

Just connect a cable from ethernet port to your router and as long as the ethernet adaptor is not disabled in device manager, you will be connected to your ISP and can surf normally.

  howard64 17:19 28 Apr 2010

ame there is no reference in control panel network connections for the orange dongle. Fruit Bat /\0/\I have the ethernet cable connected and it shows connected and firewalled [windows xp one]. Occasionally it appears to connect but very slowly and then up comes unable to find server. From another pc on my network I can see the pc in network places. I need to get it online in order to reactivate it following a windows xp home repair the only way I could get the pc to work.

  citadel 18:36 28 Apr 2010

i use bt ethernet at home and vodaphone dongle when im out, it all works fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 28 Apr 2010

Do you have MAC address filtering set on your router this could stop the router connecting to any other machine than yours?

  mgmcc 22:41 28 Apr 2010

>>> she connects to orange via a dongle

It is not clear whether this is a *MOBILE BROADBAND* dongle operating on Orange's 3G network, or a *Wireless Network Adapter* connecting to a Router and then Orange broadband via a BT landline.

If it is Mobile Broadband, it will effectively be a "dialup" connection and "Control Panel > Internet Options" may be configured to use this connection by default.

With a USB Wireless Network Adapter that's been unplugged, the computer shouldn't be trying to connect with this, it should use whichever network adapter is connected to the router.

  howard64 09:10 29 Apr 2010

it is Mobile Broadband, and I can now connect via the ethernet cable but after one or two pages I get the cannot connect to server and the only way to get back on line is to reboot. I think this pc is heading for a factory restore. It is a Packard Bell - I do dislike this make.

  howard64 17:37 29 Apr 2010

am now burning a restore dvd and will put this pc back to basic. Thanks for the replies.

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