ethernet disconnecting

  ReyesKing 11:08 30 Dec 2004

i have a 100 mbs broadband (NTL) connection under a Local Area Connection.

Its a 3com 3C910 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3CSOHO100B-TX Compatible) connection

Device type:Network adapters

Manufacturer: 3Com Corporation.

Location: 3Com Corporation.

The connection regularly disconnects and then connects after a while. how do i stop it doing this? also can anybody answer my query regarding the sound on my other post? thanks

  ReyesKing 11:38 30 Dec 2004

no suggestions?

  ReyesKing 13:15 30 Dec 2004


  ReyesKing 13:18 30 Dec 2004

i also have astupid search toolbar on internet explorer and gambling icons on my desktop which cant be right clicked on to delete them. control panel add/remove prog shows no suspect programs! heeelp!

  [email protected] 13:31 30 Dec 2004

are you connecting to a router or directly to the modem?

Try a different ethernet cable in case the one you are using is faulty

Make sure that all the correct drivers are installed for the network adapter.

For the toolbars, run a spyware scanner such as Adaware from click here

  justme 13:52 30 Dec 2004

Is anyone else on the network connecting another modem at times? I believe that this can cause the sort of problems you are experiencing.

  ReyesKing 16:06 30 Dec 2004

no other people connect to it it just randomly says a network cable has been unplugged?? i connect directly to the modem.

  ReyesKing 18:52 30 Dec 2004

what can i do?

  slimbo51 19:17 30 Dec 2004

If you are still using the Black Teryon modems, the prob is with the modem.

Have same setup as you with the modem keep disconecting.

Phoned NTL and they sent an engineer round to change modem for the new type they use.

I thought it might be my Eth card or cable and changed them just in case, but this made no difference.

New Modem solved the prob completly.

The reason why is that the old modem has such a narrow Db drop out signal +-.4 Db that any disruptance in the line signal caused it to fail and disconct. The new one has a +- 1.5 Db allowance, and considering the attenuation is only 4-5 db to start with it allows a much higher variation to occur before drop out occurs.

  ReyesKing 10:10 31 Dec 2004

I have the NTL home 200 Model No. 08004EU?

  ReyesKing 17:51 01 Jan 2005

it says a network cable has been unplugged then waits a little while then connects again. also what measures can i take to improve my internet speed without upgrading. i know clearing internet files (cookies) may help but what else?

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