Ethernet Controller Driver Missing

  jimforrest 17:10 08 Oct 2013

After reloading Win7 I had to visit the Samsung website to load certain drivers but I'm having trouble getting the comp to 'see' my network printer (which is plugged into the router). The Samsung is then wireless to the router. Device Manager shows an exclamation mark against Ethernet Controller - but the automatic search didn't find a driver, and the Samsung page doesn't list an ethernet driver. The only driver that I didn't load was the LAN - is that the one it needs? If not, anyone know where it can be found? (I'm assuming that the problem is caused by the missing driver).

  jimforrest 17:33 08 Oct 2013

The comp is a Samsung Laptop type NP305E7AH-SO1UK and the motherboard isn't listed on the Samsung spec page. The only thing it does say is that the Main Chipset is either Intel or AMD. The manual is useless (of course!)

  onthelimit1 17:46 08 Oct 2013

The LAN is irrelevant if you are connecting the laptop to the router wirelessly. have you tried Add Printer from the Devices and Printer page, then Add a Network Printer??

  jimforrest 17:52 08 Oct 2013

Yes I have tried that - and it can't 'see' the printer at all. It can 'see' my other (wireless) laptop though (although I can't get file sharing to work). Manual browsing can't find it either. Note - before the crash the same laptop used to print via the same printer wirelessly.

  jimforrest 20:56 08 Oct 2013

It seems that the hardware is a Wan Miniport. I tried to find a driver but always get redirected to Windows Update - which doesn't even see the driver is missing! Simple question - is this missing driver the probable cause of the problem (seeing the printer etc) or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  Woolwell 21:05 08 Oct 2013

If you are connecting by wifi to the router then you are barking up the wrong tree. The problem lies with the printer installation. Did you re-install the printer software after the W7 re-install? It would help if you told us which printer.

  Woolwell 21:06 08 Oct 2013

Ps Try briefly turning off your firewall whilst trying to find the printer.

  jimforrest 22:51 08 Oct 2013

The printer is an HP Deskjet F380 (all in one) and I had installed the HP driver for it. I have enabled printer and file sharing but I suspect that there are two routes to setting sharing up - the first is by setting up a Workgroup (which I don't want to do as it seems that every time I want to do anything 'shared' I will have to use a password as I'm the only one on the network), or another route which I previously had set up but now can't remember how I did it! Devices & Printers can't see the printer either. The printer is connected by USB to the router and the router is wireless to the laptop.

  jimforrest 23:10 08 Oct 2013

By the way - the HP driver software and the Windows 'ad a network printer' both assume that one of the computers in the network has the printer plugged in via a USB cable. There is no allowance/instructions for a stand-alone printer. This isn't the case as my printer is plugged into the router.

  Woolwell 23:12 08 Oct 2013

You are installing a network printer. Did you use HP's guide to do so?

I really don't know why you are so worried about setting up a network. The network has a password to allow the different computers to join it eg laptop and desktop. After that they see each other and unless you have set up a password for your user accounts on the desktop and laptop then you don't need a password every time you access data from one or the other.

  Woolwell 23:14 08 Oct 2013

Just seen your other post. I'm sorry but I cannot follow it up tonight. Your thread is really about installing an HP printer and is not, in particular, about the missing Ethernet driver.

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