Ethernet connection V. wireless connection?.

  Cymro. 11:42 18 Oct 2008

My laptop is running particularly well lately and I get the full 6mb that I should be getting when connected by Ethernet cable.

However I only manage 3mb when connected wirelessly. So is it usual to get such a large difference in speed between cable and wireless?

As the 3mb. I get wirelessly is adequate for my needs I am rather nervous of meddling too much with the wireless settings in case I make things even worse.

My ISP is BT and have a BT Voyager 2500V router.

  Technotiger 12:23 18 Oct 2008

Yes, it is quite usual. Ethernet cable connection is much better and more stable than wireless, also more secure.

  Cymro. 12:39 18 Oct 2008

I think I can tick this one as resolved in record time.
As it happens I have noticed that when I tick on to my wireless connection manager I pick up at least another six people logged on wirelessly using I assume the same frequency as myself.

When I first had my wireless connection some two years ago I was the only one on the estate that was using it and so the only one that showed on the wireless connection manager.

The others that are using it now are my neighbours that have gone on line wirelessly recently. Some of them are not even using basic encryption so as you say Technotiger cable is much more secure.

Thanks again and as you suggest I will not tinker, not this time anyway.

  ukmobil 12:39 18 Oct 2008

You could try changing the wireless transmitting channel on your router to see if reception is better, and hopefully faster. If reception is poor the laptop and the router will take longer to exchange data and so speeds drop.

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