Ethernet connection problem

  redrob10 10:41 13 Dec 2007

Hello, hoping somebody can help with what is most likely a simple enough problem.

My brother is trying to connect to Virgin Broadband with his laptop using only an ethernet cable.

When he ran the cd the error message was something like, 'could not renew your ip address for your network adapter DHCP' etc....

The Rip Off merchants at Virgins 25p per minute help line told him that he obviously doesnt have a NIC, which I doubt very much considering he has managed to plug in his Ethernet cable ok.

My first guess was that perhaps he needs to update the driver for his existing NIC but I cannot see a driver update on the Dell website for this card.

Does anyone have any idea how to help get him connected?


  Quiller. 10:58 13 Dec 2007

You don't mention which operating system it has. Anyway, open control panel and network connection s ( XP ) or network and sharing ( Vista ). See if the LAN icon is there, if it is, right click it and enable.

If it is not there, then right clcik my computer, properties, device manager. See if the lan is listed under network connections and if it has any yellow warning symbols. If it has, right click and update the drivers.

If it is not listed in device manager, it will need to be turned on in the bios. Do you know the make and model of the motherboard or is it a branded machine.

  birdface 11:10 13 Dec 2007

Or try Control panel,Network connections.Right click local area connection and press repair.

  birdface 11:21 13 Dec 2007

How about.All programs.Accessories.Communications.And New set up wizard.I have never tried it .But worth a shot.

  birdface 11:38 13 Dec 2007

Hi.Just re read the question.As far as I know if you are using an ethernet connection you do not need to use the Cd connection disc supplied.It should connect automatically without it.

  zeppman 12:01 13 Dec 2007

yes I'm with Virgin using ethernet and you dont need to use disc

  redrob10 13:28 13 Dec 2007

Hi Quiller

Thanks for your advice.

Wont he needed to be connected though to update the drivers?

Its a Dell Latidude 620 i belive, operating system is xp.

  Quiller. 14:27 13 Dec 2007

You could download it from click here and pop it on a memory stick.

The driver should be this one click here

  Quiller. 14:39 13 Dec 2007

If it is a Dell™ Latitude™ D620, then it also has WiFi capability, worth thinking about.

This may also aid you click here

But the main thing is to get that lan socket recognised.:)

  redrob10 21:35 13 Dec 2007

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your help Quiller. All sorted thanks to your link.


  Quiller. 23:46 13 Dec 2007

Thats good news. Pleased that we could help you.

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