Ethernet connection just not working

  chrisc_20 21:56 16 Aug 2007

I've been using an ethernet connection to connect to the internet for a while now.

I was using it one evening. I switched it off as normal. When I switched my laptop back on in the morning I had no connection. And it's telling me a network cable is unplugged??

I have tried various cables so there cant be anything wrong with the cable itself as they all produce the same result. The lights above the network socket on the back of the laptop appear to have gone off and I can't seem to get them to go back on. I have re-installed the driver for Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller yet this hasn't solved it.

I have checked the Internal Network Card Power Management and this shows my network card is On.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

  Ashrich 00:04 17 Aug 2007

Have you tried something as simple as a different ethernet cable , Windows will tell you that a network cable is unplugged at both ends , not just the PC end , so check the connection to the router , and maybe try it in a different port .


  Ashrich 00:10 17 Aug 2007

Sorry , I should have read the whole thread properly , you have already tried another cable , and it obviously shows Ok in Device Manager otherwise you wouldn't be able to check the cards power properties , if your router has more than one port I'd still try it in an alternative one . What happens if you boot into safe mode with Networking , does it still not work ?


  chrisc_20 09:27 17 Aug 2007

Thanks Ashley, appreciate the help.

Unfortunately there's only one port, but I'll give it a go in safe mode with networking. I'm at work just now so I'll try it when I get home tonight and let you know how I get on.

  mikesuther 11:11 17 Aug 2007

I understand your problem and i hope that this idea works but i am doughtful. have you restored your computer to an earlier time when all the connections were working.

If this does not work it may be a case that the ethernet connection is faulty, being a laptop it could be expensive to replace the actual port.

The easy way to repair / replace the port is to buy a PCMCIA card with an ethernet port socket included. ( I am assuming that your laptop has a PCMCIA port) If your laptop is under guarentee i would check to see if the port is faulty.

  chrisc_20 13:14 17 Aug 2007

I tried restoring to an earlier time yes, still no difference.

I was suspicious the whole thing may have gone, which is a bit disappointing as it's only 10 months old...but you guys would know better than me, maybe they don't really have a long working life?

Thankfully it's under warranty, I emailed Dell and they've offered to collect it and have it repaired. Bit of a pain but doesn't look like I'll be able to resolve this problem any other way...

  Ashrich 18:37 17 Aug 2007

If it is only ten months old than a trip back to where you bought it seems in order as it is still in warranty , they can arrange to have it mended under the guarantee , don't let them tell you that you have to send it back , it is their responsibility to do so for you , at least until the warranty expires . By the way , were you using the same router to post the message last night ?


  chrisc_20 12:20 18 Aug 2007

I've been using a USB connection since the Ethernet screwed up.

Thanks for all your help guys, I will instruct Dell to collect it and have it repaired.

  grs8653 06:44 10 Sep 2007

i have had the same problem on my desktop. it worked perfectly well for 3 months, then one day it came up 'network cable unplugged. i did as you did, uninstalled everything, drivers and pci card. then i noticed that the green light on the pci card was'nt working, also the card was very close to the graphics card, so i just eased them apart slightly and found that on the bottom of the pci card, it was shorting out on the graphics card, so i just snipped of the ends off which were touching on the graphics card. at the moment all is running well. i hope that this may help you in your problem.

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