Ethernet connection drop off connection to PC

  Jlen 21:06 28 Jan 2017

A recurring problem is that the ethernet coonection to my fixed PC thru a Hotspot 500 drops off and reverts to the wi fi connection all other home wireless devices (sphones/tablets/etc) access thru the main wifI with no problems. The reason I use the ethernet connection to my desktop is that it is separated from the router by walls and straight wi fi connect drops the dl speed by about 10mbps. Usual reboot,unblugging, switching hotspot solves it until the next time...more a frustration factor! Thanks for any pointers   - Running Win 10 - BT Smarthub - Mini Home Hotspot 500 kit    * Extender (1)    * Hotspot   (1) - Wi Fi    * Hotspot   (1) - Ethernet

  difarn 20:34 30 Jan 2017

I assume that you have made the ethernet connection a priority over the wifi?

Control Panel - Network and Sharing - Change adapter - press the Alt key to give all options - click on advanced then choose advanced settings in the drop down box - make sure that ethernet connection is at the top of the list.

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