Ethernet connection.

  prince midas 14:15 02 Feb 2009

Looking at some pictures in your helproom I see that I appear to have to use a modem plus a router to connect to the internet.I was told that I just need a router to connect my laptop wireless which works fine.
I then decided to connect my old desktop by ethernet.
So I connected to the back of the siemens router with a cable into the Pc.
Remember I have no modem which is shown in some of your pictures.
I then switched on and it said connected at 100 mbs but when I try to get onto the net it says something about the address is wrong.

  mgmcc 16:00 02 Feb 2009

If you have ADSL broadband via the phone line, you use a *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem", which connects directly to the phone socket. It replaces any USB Modem previously used.

With Virgin's CABLE broadband, you use a "Cable/DSL Router" which doesn't incorporate a Modem and which connects by ethernet cable to Virgin's supplied Cable Modem.

When you use a Router, it [the router] gets the IP address allocated by the ISP and in turn allocates IP addresses to each computer connected to it, using one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks, most commonly a 192.168.x.x address.

It is the Router which must be configured to connect to the internet and then the PCs get their internet access over the LAN (Local Area Network) from the router.

  prince midas 16:37 02 Feb 2009

mgmcc ,I apreciate what you say.I am connected to
My problem is that my old Desktop will not connect through the router every day and can sometimes never,even though my new Laptop which also uses the router can.
That is why I used a Rj45 cable from one of the back ports on the router to connect to the back of my Desktop PC.
It connected straight away but unfortunately I got an error message saying it was something to do with the final connection to Microsoft etc.
I then went back to the Desktop using a Belkin Card plugged to a slot in the back of my PC.
But this connects once in a blue moon. When I wrote about this windows login screen appearing,the answer I got was go into Control panet and user accounts etc. When I did this before altering it the PC connected to the net making me wonder if the client services for network ehich is set at automatic should be altered to disable or manual or remove,but I do not want to do this untill I am sure that this will help my connection to internet.This could take a day or 2 to prove.Also I notice in user accounts another mname as appeared machine limited account PW Protected,as this anything to do with my problem and can i remove it.It appears odd that the 6 by 3 message appears on top of my normal lon in and off.

  Strawballs 09:55 03 Feb 2009

With the desktop connected via wire go into internet options in control panel and set up internet connection via a lan and make sure that never dial a connection is checked.

  prince midas 10:27 03 Feb 2009

When I find the never dial a connection it is ticked but it is greyed out.Below this is the Lan button.
When i go on to the internet it will not bring up any connections but yet it says connected at 100mps.
Same goes for mail it will not connect.

  brundle 15:23 03 Feb 2009

Client Services for Networking is for networking PCs together, it has nothing to do with a machine's connection to the internet.
ASP.Net account is created by Net framework.

click here=

You need to tell us if you have a cable broadband or ADSL broadband connection, it's still unclear to me, or the model number of your Siemens equipment. Secondly, are you absolutely sure your laptop is connecting your network to access the internet, and not a local, unsecured one?

  prince midas 16:53 03 Feb 2009

I cannot find the client services program to delete it.The router is a Siemens 857 and it is a wireless connection using a Belkin pc card

  brundle 22:01 03 Feb 2009

Siemens SE857 right? That's an ADSL combined modem/router.

"I cannot find the client services program to delete it."; you don't need to, as I already inferred.

From the machine connected with a cable, open a command prompt (Start menu/accessories/command prompt) and type the following;


What result do you get? The last few lines ought to match these;

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

If things are working normally.

  Strawballs 07:49 04 Feb 2009

Who is your ISP???

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