ethernet card/router/dsl modem

  gerriecah 19:10 25 Feb 2005

Please guys, in plain language, I have checked the archive but more confused than ever.

I am on BroadBand with a Speedtouch 330 USB modem, but find this not very acceptable to Linux distro, so have been advised that a ethernet/router is the best way to go, but it appears that these still use the USB port, so ---

1) Do I have to install an ethernet card into the PC.???

2) If so do I have to get a router that does not use a USB socket to connect to the card.

3) Can anyone please supply me with the straightforward requirement to connect up to get BroadBand with Linux, because apparently Linux and USB are very dodgy.

Any help will be much appreciated.

  Technotiger 19:26 25 Feb 2005

Hi, assuming you do not actually want to connect more than one pc to BB - I would advise fit a ethernet pci card, all you need is a spare pci slot, and get a Ethernet ADSL modem. Have a look at click here and look at the BIPAC 5100s Modem. With this setup you would also have the additional security of a built-in hardware firewall within the modem. You would also have the capability of expansion to make up a home network, ie connect additional pc/pc's, if at any time you so wished.


  Technotiger 19:30 25 Feb 2005

ps - none of the above involves usb.

  gerriecah 20:56 25 Feb 2005

Thanks for the response. Been to the Billion site but apparently their products are not supported in Linux. This is my offhand opinion as I searched the manual of the 5100 for "Linux" but it had no mention of it. It apparently requires Internet Explorer to set it up.

But I gather that I do need an ethernet card to connect the router to. But is this also required with an ethernet/router ???

  Technotiger 20:58 25 Feb 2005

Ethernet card - yes. Sorry I couldn't help with the other.

Good luck anyway.

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