Ethernet card?

  allanon 11:25 28 Dec 2008

I have an old computer 1.8ghz chip which has the ME operating system. It is approx 6 yrs old and only had dial up access to the internet. I am now thinking of setting this up for my daughter for use of the internet in her room. I now have broadband and a wireless network. I have been given a pair of homeplugs by a friend and I was merely going to use this for access. However the computer does not have the relevant connection ,only dial up. Am I right in thinking that I need an ethernet card?. I assume that this is just like fitting a new graphics card?, are there any differences ?

  howard64 11:33 28 Dec 2008

rj45 network interface cards are about £10 and simply sit in a pci slot as you say just like a graphics card. It should come with a driver but your biggest problem will probably be the driver for ME. If buying from a shop ask them for one that works with ME and guarantee a replacement if it does not.

  allanon 15:20 28 Dec 2008

Thanks howard64

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