Ethernet cable and two laptops.

  SJM_81 18:55 11 Mar 2010

My laptop is wireless. The other laptop isn't. I have an Ethernet cable here. How do I use my wireless laptops Internet connection and share it with the other laptop without wireless?

The 2ND laptop is my sisters, and I'm trying to get it online to download: antivirus, spyware, cccleaner etc.

My router is downstairs, but the room where the router is, is being decorated so I cant plug directly into the router. That's why I want to use my wireless laptop and share its connection with the 2ND laptop.

Every time I plug the Ethernet cable into both laptops(and check Internet connection sharing) the connection just drops?

So how do I set it up.


  mgmcc 20:41 11 Mar 2010

If you're connecting two computers directly, you need to use a *CROSSOVER* ethernet cable. Normally, if you don't, you simply get the "Network Cable Unplugged" indication.

As your laptop is connecting wirelessly to the internet (the router), it is the Wireless Network Connection on which you enable "Internet Connection Sharing". When you do this, Windows will configure your Local Area Connection (the adapter with which you connect to the second computer) with the IP address and Subnet Mask The "client" computer should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "host" PC.

Because Internet Connection Sharing operates in the Subnet (IP address range) it is important that your router doesn't also operate in this range, i.e. its own address must not be and it mustn't allocate addresses in the range to If it does conflict, its own IP address needs to be changed so that it has a different third octet (number) such as or etc.

  SJM_81 13:18 12 Mar 2010


I'm still trying to set it up our I described it above. I have a Ethernet cable here, but when I plug it into both laptops, nothing happens?

The computer don't even recognise it, and LAN symbol still has a red cross on both laptops.

You say I need a crossover Ethernet cable? How many types are there?

This Ethernet cable was produced by BT. It either was made for the router or BT vision box. Its a spare one I have.

The ends of the plugs are both yellow. And the cable says cat 5?

I think i have another cable in the house that came with my router (that's got blue ends), but I think that plugs into the usb ports?

  mgmcc 14:10 12 Mar 2010

There are two types of ethernet cable:

"Straight-wired" which is used to connect a computer to a Hub, Switch, Router, Modem.

"Crossover" which is used to connect two computers directly - Network Adapter to Network Adapter - and also to connect two Hubs or Switches to daisy chain them.

The reason for this is that the 'send' pins normally connect to 'receive' pins, but if you connect two computers directly with a straight-wired cable, you'll connect 'send' to 'send' and 'receive' to 'receive', hence the need to have the connections crossed over.

  SJM_81 14:22 12 Mar 2010


Ive just phoned my friend, an he is bringing a spare set of wall plugs. So will connect to the router that way


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