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Ethernet cable or Broadband Router issue?

  Rhuddlan 18:42 09 Jun 2016

Sounds very simple, however, my PC isn't connecting to my network via Ethernet connection directly from the modem. Re-started PC and modem, changed the settings in control panel>network & Internet>network sharing centre>change adapter settings by amenending Internet protocol 4 properties with manual IP addresses and after another restart, no network still cannot be found and Windows cannot find a solution or identify the problem. Last solution I thought of was creating a new network connection, but again no luck. Modem and Ethernet cable are new and have inspected for damage just encase. I'm using Windows 7 and this was fine until yesterday.

  wee eddie 19:54 15 Jun 2016

Homeplugs, So wise or any other brand do not like extension leads.

Plug your Router into the GPO Master Socket and the Solwise into the nearest Mains Socket. Then plug its pair into the Mains Socket nearest your PC.

  lotvic 22:20 15 Jun 2016

To get the best speed and stop the home network dropping out, I advise you buy a longer ethernet cable (Cat5e Patch cable) and not use the Solwise Homeplugs (as you do not have enough electric wall sockets).

Cables are not expensive, under a tenner. They sell them at lots of shops, including Argos.

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