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Ethernet cable or Broadband Router issue?

  Rhuddlan 18:42 09 Jun 2016

Sounds very simple, however, my PC isn't connecting to my network via Ethernet connection directly from the modem. Re-started PC and modem, changed the settings in control panel>network & Internet>network sharing centre>change adapter settings by amenending Internet protocol 4 properties with manual IP addresses and after another restart, no network still cannot be found and Windows cannot find a solution or identify the problem. Last solution I thought of was creating a new network connection, but again no luck. Modem and Ethernet cable are new and have inspected for damage just encase. I'm using Windows 7 and this was fine until yesterday.

  Govan1x 21:45 09 Jun 2016

Who is your ISP have you checked to see if they are having problems. Is it a wireless router and how old is your PC. Are you receiving any DNS problems. manual ip address have you tried setting it to automatic. And have you changed the DNS address as well.

  Rhuddlan 19:02 12 Jun 2016

So problem was initially resolved by disconnecting the router and Ethernet cable and then reconnecting, problem fixed for 24hrs then same again, this is getting repetitive and frustrating now! I had a message when troubleshooting about the IP configuration so manually entered the IP addresses and then the message was gateway was incorrectly configured. The wifi on my iPhone and iPad is perfect, it must be the router/ethernet connection from my router to the PC? I live in France and my provider is Free, only had it 2 weeks and all was fine until late last week?!

  BT 07:52 13 Jun 2016

Is this a desktop Pc. Could be your Network Card is faulty. I had a similar problem a few years ago. Replaced network card - very cheap - and problem was solved.

  BT 07:54 13 Jun 2016

Before replacing Network card try reseating it in case it has move slightly in its socket.

  parasush 13:43 13 Jun 2016

I also had a similar issue few months back.

It's just because of Network card. Kindly replace it with new one and your problem will be solved.

  Rhuddlan 18:36 13 Jun 2016

Thanks for the replies, I'm convinced it's something to do with the router / and connections between my PC. Because there is some distance between the PC and router, I have a solution wise extension, so there are two plugs involved, the first connects via Ethernet to the router and then another Ethernet cable is connected to this first plug which eventually connects into the second plug which subsequently connects, again via Ethernet, to my PC. When the light for home network is not illuminated on the first plug which is connected to the router, there is no connection on the PC, so once I re-set all of this, it eventually re-connects. Confusing I know, apologies but I've tried to explain best I can. Thanks.

  lotvic 19:01 13 Jun 2016

...I have a solution wise extension

Do you mean you are using Solwise HomePlugs?

  Rhuddlan 18:42 14 Jun 2016

Sorry, yes I meant that. Thanks

  lotvic 20:53 14 Jun 2016

Are the Solwise HomePlugs paired correctly?

Is each one plugged directly into a wall socket or are you using an electrical extension cable and plugging one of them into an extension cable socket? It's not advisable to use an electrical extension but if you cannot avoid it, try plugging the Solwise Homeplug into the socket nearest to the electric cable (the first socket on the extension) this sometimes works to stop the home network dropping out.

  Rhuddlan 18:57 15 Jun 2016

Yes I have them both plugged into the same extension lead as the way the room is set up the router is at one end with the PC at the other. So I have one solwise plugged into the nearest socket to the router because of the short Ethernet cable and the other plugged into the opposite end of the same extension lead and which this Ethernet lead connects to the PC. It's been ok since Monday night now so fingers crossed, otherwise will have to move things around. I haven't got enough wall sockets I'm afraid I have 3 extension leads because of this

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