Ethernet cable ok with already wifi laptop?

  nissanalmera 16:18 19 Oct 2011

Hi,Do I simply plug in ethernet cable to router and then laptop which is already set up wifi without any problems? I would like to know if I can simply plug in without any problems to laptop. Does this interfere with wifi set of laptop and do I simply unplug ethernet cable whenever I want and laptop will continue as wifi to internet? Many thanks

  lotvic 17:53 19 Oct 2011

I have my WiFi connection set to manual so I have to click on it to connect wirelessly. To use the ethernet cable I just plug it in and out as needed.

Afraid I don't know how that works if you have set WiFi to automatically connect.

  nissanalmera 18:03 19 Oct 2011

Hi lotvic,Thanks for your response.Your way seems to be the answer.Is it easy to set up? Many thanks

  lotvic 20:30 19 Oct 2011

Just go into your WiFi Connection Settings and change to manual or untick connect automatically (depends what you use as a connection manager I have O2's manager as sometimes use O2 when away from home so am not using built-in Windows connection manager)

It's like when you scan for available networks... then choose one to connect to. But for your own you will already have put the password etc in and saved it so it should just be a case of clicking on connect when you see yours listed. Mine is top of the list that comes up.

If I am on WiFi and want to change I disconnect from WiFi before I plug the ethernet cable in.

  nissanalmera 21:14 19 Oct 2011

Thanks my friend,that sounds perfect,I know where you are and I think I can do that without a problem.Many thanks again for you responses.

  mgmcc 09:25 20 Oct 2011

There isn't a problem having both wired and wireless connections to the router running simultaneously, but only one will deliver internet access and there is a setting to configure which connection has the priority.

  lotvic 11:40 20 Oct 2011

Thanks mgmcc I never knew that :)

Can you point to where you alter the setting to configure which connection has the priority (for future reference).

  mgmcc 11:56 20 Oct 2011


In the "Network Connections" folder menus, select the Advanced item and then Advanced Settings. In the "Adapters and Bindings" tab, the top section lets you move the adapter that should have priority up to the top.

  lotvic 12:19 20 Oct 2011

mgmcc Many thanks, duly noted :)

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