Ethernet cable

  menopaws1947 12:06 16 Oct 2008

Hi all, I now have my cheap Tiny computer and need to connect to my router. It only has a space for a phone connector, no ethernet. So I need an ethernet to phone cable , been looking for ages but don't know if it has a special name, can't find one HELPPP please

  brundle 12:14 16 Oct 2008

There's no such thing. You need an ethernet adapter to connect the PC to the router via USB. click here

Fine with XP, if you have Vista most of them are incompatible tho.

  Taff™ 12:14 16 Oct 2008

A totally different type of connection I`m afraid and not posible. You need an Ethernet Card to put into your computer - I assume it is a Tower.

  The Kestrel 12:17 16 Oct 2008

I'm not sure, but this looks like the thing you need. click here I would contact Misco first though and check before purchase.

  Taff™ 12:19 16 Oct 2008
  Taff™ 12:20 16 Oct 2008

That`s for Dial Up I`m afraid!

  menopaws1947 12:26 16 Oct 2008

Well did look at ethernet card, was only a fiver with p and p, but was trying to find a cable to save putting the card in !!! Hope I can get broadband on the PC

  Taff™ 12:32 16 Oct 2008

If you tell us the model of the Tiny PC, your Operating System and the type of Router you`re using we`ll you that too!

  Rahere 12:37 16 Oct 2008

Fitting an ethernet card at £7-£8 is really the best bet.

Warning don't pay silly prices for network cables at PCworld! If you can't scrounge one from a friend order the network card and cable online and pay a quid or so for the cable not 14.99 or more at PCworld...

  retep888 13:05 16 Oct 2008

click here

This may be the one you're looking for but a bit more expensive.

  menopaws1947 13:16 16 Oct 2008

Those converters are just what I want, but so expensive ! The Tiny pc is 8 yrs old and cannot find model anywhere on it, it runs Xp and may be a P3 ?? The router is an AOL Speedtouch. Looks like the card might be cheapest tho

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