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  suzie_q 19:56 23 Jul 2008

Hi, can some one please tell my why, when my cable is plugged into my pc & router, I only have the yellow light on & not a green light? i have been loosing internet signal, it goes & comes back usually with a reboot, would the cable be the cause if both lights aren't working? I am running on xp. PS have also tried another cable but no difference.

  brundle 20:10 23 Jul 2008

The only cable that has any effect on your actual internet connection is the ADSL/phone cable.

  suzie_q 20:11 23 Jul 2008

is that the yellow cable running from router to phone socket? could that be faulty?

  brundle 20:15 23 Jul 2008

Yes, and possibly. But if you tried another cable and see no difference, not all that likely. Having the router not directly connected to the master socket is more likely to be an issue if you have a weak ADSL signal. You could invest in a wireless USB adapter or a long CAT5 cable. (See your other thread).

  suzie_q 20:24 23 Jul 2008

hi brundle, sorry seem to of mis read myself, the other cable I tried, was from router to pc, not from router to phone socket, have tried going wireless by taking router downstairs the other day, it behaved for 1 day then started flashing yellow again, so took it back upstairs & put it back to hard wire, I do have a dongle on back of this pc, the signal is always very good or excellent.

  suzie_q 21:03 23 Jul 2008

OMG Brundle, I have just read all that info, & am well lost, would it be easier to contact BT & get them to check internal wiring & see if they can find a fault & resolve it? am only a mere female mortal here I understand a bit about IT..but well stuffed now :( sue

  brundle 21:29 23 Jul 2008

It would appear your best bet is to leave the router connected directly to the master socket and give it a couple of days to allow the connection to settle down. Your line stats are not hard to access on the router itself and will greatly help anyone attempting to assist you.

click here

Scroll down and click on the DG834 G link

  suzie_q 21:48 23 Jul 2008

thankyou brundle, for your assistance tonight, I will re plug into main bt socket & pray for it to settle down &, attempt to do the firmware upgrade, which I have waiting to do on my desktop. many thanks agin

  suzie_q 19:13 24 Jul 2008

even worse tonight, got home again 'i' light flashing, have moved router to main socket & running off wireless now, internet wont works unles phone is off hook!! have also done a router reset that didnt seem to help, I dont understand about these line stats :( I am a novice to a point. BT no help wanted to charge me £165 to change bt box ect, so forget that cant afford that right now. so called downloaded the firmware for the router, but when i press upload all is says it file img?? I right clicked to save to download,& the only option l had was to save target as which I file & saved on desktop, but router upgrade wont recognise this file, so nw pulling hair out. think I will throw it in the bin!!! any more ideas out there in idiot proof reading, thanks dispondant sue :(:(

  brundle 19:29 24 Jul 2008

If you have cordless phones ensure the base station and any receivers are well away from the router and your wireless adapter - they interfere with the wireless signal between your PC and the router. Disconnect any other non-essential phone equipment.

You need to `unzip` the downloaded file which will give you the .img file the router is expecting. I would hold off the firmware upgrade for now, the `phone off the hook` issue could be down to interference from cordless phones or a faulty ADSL filter. What lights are showing on the router when the phone is on-hook?

  brundle 19:35 24 Jul 2008

When you say `i light flashing` - green or amber/orange?

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