ethernet advice please

  Never again 07:00 31 Mar 2006

I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question, but its early in the morning and I'm completely new to networking.

Mt desktop is running windows xp and is connected to the internet via an ntl broadband modem which has both ethernet and usb connections and is connected by usb.

I have recently bought a laptop with wireless capability.

I have also bought a belkin wireless g router.

On opening the box it appears as if all connections are ethernet and my pc which has been regularly upgraded over the years has no ethernet ports.

Does this mean that I need to fit another pci ethernet card, and is this the same as the old network type cards.

Over the years I have helped upgrade and fit modems to various pc's and removed a number of redundant pci cards with "big modem type sockets"
Are these ethernet cards?

and finally, if I connect my router to my desktop pc and I have set everything up, does my desktop have to be booted up for my laptop to access the wireless network everytime?

Thank you

  Danoh 08:55 31 Mar 2006

1) Yes, you will to fit a PCI Ethernet card. Old network cards might only cater for 10 rather then 100 Mbps capacity. New cards are only c £5.

2) Strictly speaking MoDems are not Ethernet; I don't have the web sites which shows what Ethernet ports/sockets look like, but just do a Google for RJ45 Ethernet.

3) No; once everything is setup, your desktop does not have to be on for your laptop to access the wireless network, just the wireless router and your NTL cable modem has to be on.

  Never again 10:35 31 Mar 2006

I'm off to get one then.

I'll mark this thread as resolved for future reference for other forum members, and start a new one if I have any problems - wish me luck and thanks again.

  Danoh 10:50 31 Mar 2006

Don't bother with more expensive 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) Ethernet cards as your router is most probably limited to 100Mbps anyway (few cater for 1Gbps).

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