eTEC ADSL router setup problems

  cycoze 12:38 24 Feb 2005

I bought an eTEC ADSL modem router model PT-3812, i have sucssefully set it up on one XP machine and can connect to the internet with no problems.

On another Xp machine i am having major difficulties, first off if the router is switched on before the machine has finished loading it causes a hang and the OutPost free firewall will not load, if it is switched off there is no problem loading.

I have tried another network card and different cables in case these might be causing a problem, they are not the culprits.

When following the installation manual i cannot get the routers internal pages up at all.

Any suggestions?

  FelixTCat 23:00 24 Feb 2005

Disable the firewall. Does it now work?

Which PC couldn't you access the router from?

  cycoze 23:07 24 Feb 2005

Since posting i had uninstalled the firewall and tried again , still no joy,

  FelixTCat 00:20 25 Feb 2005

To set the modem as a DHCP server, go to the LAN Configuration page and tick the DHCP server box.

Set the IP address to anything you like; popular settings are,,

You can either let the system allocate the pool or manually set it, but make sure that the User mode is set to Multi-User. The system will set a range of 12, manually you can set as many or as few as you like.

Set the lease time with all zeros.

Click Save settings in the left window.

  cycoze 10:35 25 Feb 2005

The IP addys i understand but on a reboot they revert back , and do i really need to set it as a DHCP server ?

  FelixTCat 12:09 25 Feb 2005

Sorry, revert back to what?

If you don't set the router up as a DHCP server then you have to set all the IP addresses, default gateways, DNS server addresses etc manually on each of your computers. It is much easier to et the router do all that.

  cycoze 12:27 25 Feb 2005

IP reverts back to whatit was before the re-boot.

For the rest i`ll haveanother go.

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