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  wolfie3000 19:57 28 Sep 2004

I was just wondering what programs most people have on there pc that they say are essential like anti virus quick time winamp zone alarm that sort of stuff because im always paraniod about what i need to download next so if there is any programs i need but dont know about please tell me
i got

zone alarm
spybot search and destroy
winamp 5
msn messenger
net meeting
windows media player
easy cleaner
tweaknow reg cleaner
sisoft sandra standard

i am running wi98se and using aol 9.0
all these programs listed i would call essential for my needs but is there any others that i need??

  stalion 20:19 28 Sep 2004

you need these
click here
click here

  Jackcoms 20:23 28 Sep 2004

Only you know what your needs are, thus, only you can decide what you need.

Unfortunately we can't read your mind.

Your question was a bit like "how long is a piece of string?.

You need to ask yourself why you need a program and how often, if at all, you will use it.

I'm sure that there are lots of different viewpoints out there.

For what it's worth I'm of the lean and mean school of thinking.

I have the most minimal number of programs which I know I'll use. If I identify a new need, then I'll install it - but only if I know that I'll find a use for it - not just for the sake of having it on my PC.

I firmly believe that the more programs I have, the more likely I'm going to encounter problems because of clashes between programs. So why invite trouble?

  wolfie3000 21:05 28 Sep 2004

thanks guys but my spyware progs anti virus progs and mailwasher progs are ok its more things like shockwave and macromedia that sort of stuff and is there a program to view ram files but not real player??

  Pidder 22:35 28 Sep 2004

One little prog I wouldn't like to be without,(having 98SE) is Wintidy to reset my desktop after running in Safe Mode.

  wolfie3000 22:45 28 Sep 2004

wintidy so what else does it do and where can i get it??

  €dstowe 07:21 29 Sep 2004

Try this for an alternative to Real Player click here

  Pidder 18:29 29 Sep 2004

Just resets the desktop icons. ? Google search ?

  [DELETED] 18:40 29 Sep 2004

Lots of programs here that might come in useful:

click here

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