Essential Software on your system

  darrenrichie 12:31 24 Jan 2007

Hi Everyone

I have so much software on my computer that i got to thinking; what would most people consider as essential software to have on a new system. I am thinking of AV, Security suites, Firewalls etc and any other software that you think should be on a new system?

Mine is:
TM PC-cillin (Security Suite)
Ad-Aware SE
Microsoft Office 2003
Acrobat Pro 8
Photoshop CS2

What do others think?

  leedaz 12:39 24 Jan 2007

Autoruns from sysinternals is always useful imho.
Ccleaner and Eraser also good free tools.

  anskyber 12:41 24 Jan 2007

Acronis True Image 10 and Diskeeper 2007.

  darrenrichie 13:10 24 Jan 2007

That's 2 i forgot to put on mine; True Image and Ccleaner. As for Diskeeper I use O&O defrag instead, better or worse?

  Jackcoms 13:35 24 Jan 2007

This questions has been asked many times already in the past.

I find that Windows XP is pretty essential. ;-)

  leo49 13:44 24 Jan 2007

Whenever this old chestnut is raised there's the same problem - one person's 'essential' is another's frippery. 'Essential' depends upon what the machine is used for.

Acrobat Pro and Photoshop - at least £750 of software[if paid for] - wouldn't be classed as essential unless your usage calls for them.

  darrenrichie 17:09 24 Jan 2007

I agree leo49 but i think what i am trying to gather is what are the common "essential" progs for the majority of people whatever you use the machine for i.e. progs that every computer should have. This is because you can look at reviews and comparisions of many of the necessary progs (AV, firewall etc) but in practice they don't mean nothing and it's peoples experience that shows whether a prog is worth having or isn't and i seem to try so many different progs for so many different things it would be nice to see what other people were using, not necessarily the Acrobat Pros and Photoshops because they are essential to what i do and what i need. I ahve used about 4 different security suites based on reviews and the one i ended up using was from peoples opinions about it.

  stylehurst 17:15 24 Jan 2007

Personally I would use Advanced Windows Care instead of supercleaner, & Raxco Perfect disk instead of Diskeeper or O&O. Belarc is also useful as is a password remover program & a pdf converter program.

  Diemmess 17:31 24 Jan 2007

Your mention of heavyweight graphics was useful to indicate what your PC is used for. OS and internet access assumed present anyway.

Talking essentials only, Good AV and Firewall are the only ESSENTIALS for me....... AVG and Zone Alarm respectively and free versions both.

I have a long list of other things which are useful, but not in my opinion essential, and none of them is permitted at startup.

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