error:windows explorer has encountered a problem

  bibo1465 15:47 23 Jan 2005

hi everyone

Please i need your help. I start receiving this error message:
windows has encountered a problem and need to be closed, everytimes i tried to access a folder i have created.

It was working yesterday, but i don't know what is happened.the pc works normally,but everytimes i tried to access this folder this error message appear again,and the folder disappear.

I created another folder and moved everything from the folder i have problem with, to the new folder thinking this will solve the problem,the same error happened again with the new folders.

When i click (click here) on the error message:I see :
Appname:i.explorer.exe Appver:6.0.2900.2180
Modver: offset:00009775

Can you please help me solve this problem and thank you in advance.

My kindest regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 23 Jan 2005

In XP tpye sfc /scannow in run box with XP CD in drive

IE6 Error messages
click here

Repair Internet Explorer explanation
click here

  jack 17:56 23 Jan 2005

Fruit Bat - Explorer Error is not an Internet Problem It is an Windows Explorer problem.
Explorer is the core search device within the operating system.
This has been the subject of many tthreads by me and others over the months -use the left hand search panel for- for example - Explorer problem -again
and others.
There has not been a definitve answer as far as I can tell.
But Page 153 in March Issue of PCA may just give a clue. Under the Heading Crash and Burn.
My experience with this is heavy disc activity when manipulating graphics.
Certainly sfc/ scannow now is not a permanent anser although it can give some relief.
One member of this forum though it was a RAM defect and spent money getting new RAM.

The problem persisted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 23 Jan 2005

"Explorer.exe" and "I.Explore.exe" are two completely different programs. Explorer.exe is the default Microsoft user interface and part of the OS. I suspect "I Explorer.exe" is a trojan or backdoor tool purposely named like this in an attempt to fool people.

IEXPLORE.EXE is the executable that starts Internet Explorer.

Run your antivirus and antispyware programs. or
Antivirus on line checks:-
Panda click here
Trend Online Check click here


Posted the IE repair because of the "When i click (click here) on the error message:I see : Appname:i.explorer.exe Appver:6.0.2900.2180 Modver: offset:00009775 " in his /her post.

Delving further I now think it may be a trojan.

  bibo1465 21:29 23 Jan 2005

Hi everyone

I would like to thank you for the very quick reply i received from you,you were so helpful.

Jack is right my problem is not related with internet explorer,because my internet is working properly.

When i use the program files on my pc, there is folders i created, which i am receiving the error with.

I have norton antivirus, i will scan my pc from the virus, and i will use adaware for spyware and use spybot search and destroy.

i will let you know what will happen.

I used sfc /scannow as you mentioned, nothing helped i am still receiving the error, i don't know why.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

My kindest regards

  bibo1465 23:02 23 Jan 2005

I have scan my pc with
norton antivirus,adaware
spybot search and destroy

nothing helped.

I hope to hear from you soon.

thank you again

  JFT 23:47 23 Jan 2005

Does the folder you are trying to access contain a large .avi or .mpeg file? If it does then click here as this cured the problem i had with explorer.

  jack 22:06 24 Jan 2005

Thank you FB - Trend does not work for me as I dont have netscape or anoy of the plugins- but will follow the trojan trail - something may have crept past AVG7- but there are lot of folk around with this prob. It seems to occur with heavy disk activity - such as graphics.
I my case -in Graphics as most if this work is for slide shows I found that by making the images slide show size [small pixels] and then manipulating them in small batches I can keep the error at bay.

  flash_gordon 22:22 24 Jan 2005

I have had this on two machines. Don't know what the cause is and it might sound drastic, but wiping the hard drive and doing a complete re-install might actually save you time.

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