"error..."time out"" messages--why?

  end 00:51 30 Aug 2004

when trying to "refresh" or post a response I am getting an "error-time out" type message ( have not yet read the entire message); this is a relatively new thing fo me to get;is there a set time-lap for getting the page open ; have even tried to open a "next page" ( i.e. from page one to page two) and got an error message;
am on Win 98SE and IE6;

and my most recent frustration was in having composed a long response to a thread to have it "timed out" ; my "language" was not suitable for forum reading. any offers on what may be happening?apart from getting me a rather bit cross:)

  Giggle n' Bits 00:57 30 Aug 2004

if what type of internet connection are you using Dial up modem or Broadband ?
If dial up the data signal from the phone line to the modem is weak and not loading the web page quick enough causing the time outs.

Also check for Viruses, and does Windows update or any virus software seem to be downloading in the background. ?

  end 01:08 30 Aug 2004


on Broadband, and normally very quick!!
Its only just started to happen in the last few days;
and have a fast processor too:)wellll so they say:(

had wondered if it is the site traffic that is the "issue"; I know that other members have problems with threads "hanging", whcih mine do too quite often.

but; will rerun my spy checker things and see what happens; but was "clear" only a few days ago:)

AND, I do hav another window "open " in the background ( my e mail web page); could both open together " be "an issue"??

  dagwoood 01:41 30 Aug 2004

End, this site is having problems which, as you say in your posting, other members have commented about.(I've suffered problems myself, getting Jrun error messages, server error messages and even getting timed out when trying to open the login/home page).

The forum editor is aware of the different problems and he's said "complex work is going on behind the scenes to resolve database issues" and they are going to move the databases to a new dedicated server. We should then see faster thread loading times.

You mentioned "site traffic", and as this site is popular, it does cause the site to slow down at certain times of the day.

We'll just have to patient.:-)

I'd run whatever anti-virus/malware s/w you have anyway, just to be on the safe side. There may be something on your system that's using your bandwidth and causing the timeout problem(as per Audio LaLa's post). I hope that this isn't the case, but it wont hurt to check.

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  end 02:57 30 Aug 2004

my comments are most certainly not intended or meant as a complaint; my "frustration" was, in having taken some time to composed a "suitable reply" on a thread and pressed "post response", to find myself "timed out" and "errored" and my response "lost"; and what I said between my four walls I could e mail to a friend but not post on here; I have fast processors on both my machines, so may have to learn patience with the system itself, and remind myself of the compliexity of the site and its traffic.

and I do tend to have both PCA and my web based e mail page open at the same time which might be an issue, and an extension lead on my Broadband; having said that, though, I have only recently encountered this problem; will "watch and wait" :)

and ??nowt to "adjust " on my PC or lap-top then?

  dagwoood 04:24 30 Aug 2004

End, I didn't think you were complaining. If my posting gave you the impression that I thought you were, I apologise.

I was trying to reassure you in that your problem isn't unique to you, and measures are being taken to resolve these problems.

Sorry, dagwoood.

  Dan the Confused 05:17 30 Aug 2004

A lot of people are having problems with this site at the moment, including myself. Before posting a response copy it to clipboard first, then if you get an error you can send it again by just pasting rather than typing it all again. That's what I do ;)

  end 07:42 30 Aug 2004

and how do I do that please?

  end 07:45 30 Aug 2004

how do I do that please?

  VoG II 07:49 30 Aug 2004

Type your message in the post a response box. Select it all using the cursor. Press CTRL+C together to copy to the clipboard. If you need to paste it, press CTRL+V together.

If I want to post a seriously long message I compose it in Notepad and save the file. I can then Copy (CTRL+C)from that file and Paste (CTRL+V) into the response box. It doesn't have to be Notepad; Word or any other text editor will do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 30 Aug 2004

Now we know why we can't beat your typing speed

Cut and paste that's cheating :0)


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