Errors using Nero for full backup

  tonyx1302 14:27 02 Jan 2006

I am trying to do a complete backup but after running Nero B/IT/Up I get a lot of yellow ! marks telling me 'C\Windows|system32 wbem Repository/FS is opened and is shared mode'.

I also get yellow ! marks saying 'unable to copy as files opened' In total there must be thirty yellow ! marks telling me that various things like files opened etc

Help please


  [DELETED] 15:14 02 Jan 2006

You are trying to backup files that are in use. Not entirely sure Nero is the best tool to be doing a complete backup with to be honest. Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image are better bets.

If you want to use Nero then i would select files like My Documents and anything else you feel you need (Game saves, Outlook Express folders etc) and just backup those.

  tonyx1302 15:42 02 Jan 2006

I thought I could copy the whole of my local disk (C) and then if my system went 'belly up' one day I would have a complete copy of everything on my pc....Prog Files/XP Home/Windows Word/Encarta/Office/ etc,etc. Is that not correct?

Also, how do I close files that are in use as you say so I can backup or am I getting the completely wrong end of the stick and am as daft as I feel !!!?

Thanks again


  [DELETED] 15:50 02 Jan 2006

if you want to purchase acronis true image 9 this is the last day to get it at a reduced price type holiday in to the promotion box and it is $29.95 click here

  tonyx1302 16:15 02 Jan 2006

I have just looked at your 'click here'...acronis... and it seems what I need.

Will I be able to do a complete backup including my HD and hundreds of banking/figures and letters etc that I have kept in various places on my pc since God was in short trousers ?

With thanks


  Stuartli 16:18 02 Jan 2006

IIRC Nero uses its own file names for backups and there have been problems using it for this purpose.

There are plenty of freeware backup programs if you don't wish to go the paid route.

  [DELETED] 16:19 02 Jan 2006

yes it will back up everything

  tonyx1302 16:27 02 Jan 2006

Thanks for your kind suggestions and before I dive into my generous state (!) pension to purchase acronis at a very good discounted price, are the freebies any good and if so what are the called please. Would I not be better advised to buy acronis considering the problems I have encountered with Nero ?



  [DELETED] 17:52 02 Jan 2006

True Image is an excellent solution for what you want. I make a daily image to a second hard drive and copy one to an external USB Drive once a week.

Acronis do a trial to see if you like it - click here 37.0 Mb Download!!!

Best to make the Rescue CD and then make an Image once you have booted up with that. You'll also need it to recover the images.

Note - you'll need an External USB Drive or a secondary drive in your PC to save the images. There is an option to make an Acronis Secure Zone on your current hard drive to store the images but if your only drive goes belly up then you lose the contents of the drive and the Secure Zone (i.e. your backup images) You can't save the Images to the drive you are Imaging.

Also if you do save the Images off the main drive and the main disk dies you can just put a new disk in and restore the image straight back to it.

IMPORTANT - before you try the Trial of TI make sure you have everything backed up. Like all software, occasionally some people have problems with it.

  tonyx1302 18:06 02 Jan 2006

I'm going to go with the thirty day trial of acronis as suggested as everyone seems to rate it very highly.



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